Choosing A Second Cat?

Choosing A Second Cat?

Choosing A Second Cat?

If you are lucky enough to have the space and time and dedication needed in order to raise a second feline friend, then it is important to understand exactly what do you consider to ensure you have a successful new arrival and that the breed you choose will be compatible to your existing pet!

The important factor to thought process behind choosing a second cat is that the attributes of the breed must be carefully considered so that it will increase the likelihood of having a much better successful pairing.

Whilst it can be extremely tempting to bring home a new kitten that you have had your eye on at the local pet shop for the last few weeks. But, it is important to look at the situation carefully as your existing pet may not enjoy all of the commotion and excitability that a new kitten can bring and may find the whole situation upsetting…

Something which should be evaluated when bringing in a second cat into your home is that you do all of your due diligence on where the cat or kitten has come from and ask these important questions.

Did they have any litter-mates for example?

This is vitally important during the development tool stage as this is where kittens educate themselves as to how to treat other cats, how they are able to ask for things and also absorb all of the other signals which helps with the development.

Have they had a good upbringing was in a good shelter? Again, social ability at the early stages is incredibly important and must not be ignored.

An important factor which is very interesting to learn is that 2/3 of the worlds population of cats are considered ‘betas’…

Therefore, the best and most successful companionship matching it with the other cats of the same type. The rowdy and sometimes disruptive ways of an alpha cat will eventually cause friction with their opposite..


Whilst the alpha type is much more likely tend to stay active and energetic as they grow older, the gammas tend to get much more serious much sooner.


Whilst age is also an important factor to consider, the activity levels of the cats should be given a much higher priority..

If your cat is still relatively active and enjoys climbing and playing on their cat tree, then introducing a similarly active kitten should not cause much of an issue.


Excitability and energy levels are one of the main causes of friction between feline friends so assessing the energy levels of your own cat and comparing that to any second cats that you bring into your home is definitely worth considering and taking very seriously.

Sometimes, the best solution if you are considering having two cats is to purchase them at the same time and even from the same litter. Why not get a two for one deal and allow them to grow up together at their own pace!

We always recommend finding a cat from a rescue shelter and certainly do not recommend purchasing your cat from unlicensed home braiders.



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