The Essential A-Z Cat Breed Guide

The Essential A-Z Cat Breed Guide

The Essential A-Z Cat Breed Guide

Abyssinian – Abyssinians are available in several colours including blue, fawn, sorrel (also known as red) and ruddy.  Ruddy is the most popular color.  Like wild cats Abys are have a ticked tabby coat and are a slender shorthaired breed.  They are a very playful, active, intelligent, and inquisitive breed.

American Bobtail – Classified as an experimental breed the American Bobtail has a tail that is about half the length of a normal cat tail but is still longer than a Japanese Bobtail.  It has not been established yet if the gene controlling the mutation is a new mutation or is the same mutation as the Manx.

American Curl – The American Curls identifying feature is its curled backward ears.  These unusual ears are the result of a natural mutation.  The American Curl falls into both the longhair and shorthair breed categories and is available in several patterns and colors.  With an affectionate and energetic temperament this cat is bound to please many cat lovers.

American Shorthair – The American Shorthair is an even-tempered, moderately stocky, shorthaired cat.  This breeds’ most popular color is the silver classic tabby but is available in several colors and patterns.

American Wirehair – The American Wirehair has a variety of colors and patterns and has both shorthaired and longhaired varieties.  Its natural mutation is a crimped and springy coat, as well as crimped whiskers.

Angora – The Angora shares the same color and pattern varieties of the Oriental Shorthair but is actually the British equivalent of the Oriental Longhair.  The Angora also has a variety with green eyes as well as odd-eyed whites.

Asian Semi-longhair – The Asian Semi-longhair actually refers to an entire group of cats.  There are several different colors and patterns among this group, each having their own name, and all are semi-longhaired.  Although not currently recognized by any U.S. Registries the Asian Semi-longhair was developed in Britain.

Australian Mist – Developed in Australia and formerly known as the Spotted Mist, the Australian Mist had descended from the Abyssinian, Burmese, and domestic shorthair breeds.  Combining the qualities of all three breeds it is alert and friendly.  The Australian Mist is available in a variety of colors with a spotted shorthaired coat.  This breed is also not yet recognized by any U.S. Registries.

Balinese – The Balinese has a very silky, fine, medium length coat.  It is a variant of the Siamese breed but with a semi-longhaired coat.  It shares all the same colors and patterns that the Siamese breed does.

Bengal – The Bengal has a short, spotted, glossy coat.  It is a large breed and is relatively new.  Descending from domestic shorthairs and wild Asian Leopard cats this breed may still have the wild temperament of their wild ancestors if not at least 3 generations out.  Although not accepted in all associations if Bengals are bred well they tend to be active and intelligent.

Birman – The Birman is a semi-longhaired cat with the only accepted pattern being the pointed pattern.  Its four white feet and stocky body type differs it from the Balinese and Himalayan.

Bombay – With copper eyes and a glossy, sleek black coat the Bombay resembles a miniature black panther.  It’s no accident that the Bombay’s temperament and body type resemble the Burmese as it was developed from the Burmese breed.

Brazilian Shorthair – Brought to Brazil by European colonists the Brazilian Shorthair is a medium-sized cat.  It is not recognized by all associations but is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

British Shorthair – The British Shorthair is a quiet, stocky cat available in a variety of colors and patterns.  However, the blue British Shorthair is the most popular of the breed.

Burmese – The Burmese has a muscular body type and a playful and affectionate personality.  Its coat is glossy and sleek and a solid sable brown.  Although not recognized by all associations it is available in other colors.  The European variety is less round then it’s American counterpart.

Burmilla – Although not recognized as it’s own breed it is a class of Asian Shorthair.  With lots of colors available its most popular color is silver.  The Burmilla is a new breed variety and was developed by crossing the Burmese and the Chinchilla Persian breeds.

California Spangled Cat – The California Spangled cat is not widely recognized by all associations and it was developed to resemble a spotted wild cat.

Chantilly/Tiffany Cat – Developed from unknown chocolate colored cat ancestry, the Chantilly/Tiffany Cat has semi-long hair and its coat is soft and silky.  This slender bodied cat comes in several colors as well as being available with solid and tabby patterns.  The Chantilly is a relatively new variety and is not widely recognized.

Chartreux – Originating in France the Chartreux is famous for its smiling mouth, bright orange eyes, and wooly blue coat.  It is a natural breed and is a quiet cat with a sweet personality.

Chausie – The Chausie breed is still being developed and is a cross between wild jungle cats of Asia and domestic cats.  It is still a new breed and maintaining the look and coloration of this ‘jungle cat’ is something breeders are still working on.  The Chausie is 2 to 3 times as heavy as your typical domestic cat and is about twice as tall.  All associations do not recognize this breed.

Colorpoint Shorthair – With the body type and personality of the Siamese it’s no wonder why some associations classify the Colorpoint Shorthair as part of the Siamese breed.  It is available in a variety of colors including, cream point, lynx (tabby) point, tortie point, and red point.

Cornish Rex – The Cornish Rex originated in Cornwall and has very soft, wavy/curly hair.  Its slender body type is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Cymric – The Cymric is a variation of the Manx breed with semi-longhair.

Devon Rex – The Devon Rex is comes in a variety of colors and patterns and has soft, curly, shorthair.  It has very large ears and eyes and the breed originated near Devon in a tin mine.

Egyptian Mau – The Egyptian Mau is an incredibly active and athletic feline that looks just like the historical pictures of cats in the Egyptian era. These stunning cats are available is a variety of colours. However, the most popular ten to be black smoke, bronze spotted, silver spotted as well as a stunning spotted tabby pattern which resembles their wildcat predecessors.

European Shorthair – Being that the European Shorthair is still being developed it is not yet recognized by breed associations.

Exotic Shorthair – Breeding Persians with different shorthaired breeds created the Exotic Shorthair.  They are available in the same colors and patterns as Persians and have the same body and head type however they have a shorthaired coat.

Havana Brown – The Havana Brown is best known for its warm chocolate brown color but some associations also permit a lavender frost color.

Himalayan – Himalayans are considered part of the Persian breed by some associations.  They have the same long hair and body type as the Persian as well as the same placid temperament.  The major difference between the Persian and Himalayan is the Himalayan has the pointed pattern of the Siamese.

Japanese Bobtail – Existing in Japan for over 1000 years, the Japanese Bobtail has a short, bunny like tail and is both a shorthaired variety and a longhaired variety.  There are several different colors and patterns in this breed but the white with red and black pattern is the most common.

Javanese – The Javanese has both lynx (tabby) and tortie point patterns and is similar to the Balinese.  This breed also appears in red point and cream point colors.

Korat – Regarded as ‘good luck’ cats the Korat originated in Thailand.  With a heart-shaped face and obvious green eyes this small cat has a silvery blue coat.  The Korat has an energetic and affectionate personality.

LaPerm – The strongly curled coat of the LaPerm is the result of a natural mutation in a domestic shorthair.  With several colours and patterns available this breed can be either longhair or shorthair.

Maine Coon – Although large and rugged the Maine Coon has an easy-going temperament.  The Maine Coon has a heavy, shaggy coat with a gorgeously bushy tail. The tufted ears and toes makes this an incredibly well-adapted feline for the harsh climate of its natural environment.  Available in a variety of gorgeous colours and patterns the brown classic tabby pattern is the best known. We have the best range of Maine Coon Cat Trees in the UK

Manx – The lack of a tail is a natural mutation in the Manx.  With short backs, long hind legs, and rounded appearance make this breed appear rabbit-like.  Manx are available in several colours and patterns and its thick coat comes both short and semi-long.

Munchkin – The natural mutation of the Munchkin is their short legs.  It is not widely recognised by associations and is still considered experimental.

Nebelung – With a slender build and a medium-long, silky blue coat it resembles a longhaired Russian Blue.  All associations do not recognize the Nebelung.

Norwegian Forest Cat – Originating in Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a thick heavy coat, sturdy build, and is well equipped to survive severe winters.  Available in a variety of colours and patterns they have sweet expressions with almond shaped eyes.

Ocicat – A domestic breed created from the Abyssinian, American Shorthair, and Siamese breeds, the Ocicat looks like a small wild spotted cat.  They are available in several colours and patterns but only the spotted patterns are accepted for show.

Ojos Azules – Ojos Azules is available in all colours and has blue eyes, which are normally only found in white or pointed cats.  The breed is still being developed and is not widely recognised by all associations.

Oriental Longhair – This breed is similar to the Oriental Shorthair except that it has semi-longhair.  Oriental Longhairs are like the Siamese in body type and personality and is available is a variety of solid and tabby colours.  All associations do not accept this breed.

Oriental Shorthair – Like the other Oriental breeds, the Oriental Shorthair has the slender body and active, people-oriented personality of the Siamese.  It is the shorthaired version of the Oriental Longhair and is available in a variety of colours with either a solid or tabby pattern.

Persian – Persians are available in lots of patterns and colours and when they have a pointed pattern they are called Himalayans.  This is the most recognized cat breed with a flat face, fluffy longhaired coat, large eyes, and round head.  Among the most easygoing cat breed Persians have a sweet and gentle personality.

Pixie Bob – Resembling a miniature bobcat with a short tail and spotted coat the Pixie-Bobs are not accepted by all associations and is a new breed.

Ragdoll – This blue, chocolate, lilac, and seal point coloured breed is easygoing and is a semi-longhaired cat.  The Ragdoll exhibits the pointed pattern and is not accepted in all associations.

Russian Blue – Known for its silvery blue coat this shorthaired breed has green eyes, long legs and body, and a plush coat.  Thought to have originated in northern Russia the Russian blue is graceful and playful and has a quiet personality.

Savannah – A cross between the domesticated cat and an African Serval the Savannah is a new and fairly rare breed.  All associations do not accept this breed.

Scottish Fold – The Scottish Fold has a placid and affectionate personality and is available in a variety of colors and patterns.  It has ears that are folded forward and down and large, rounded eyes giving it a sweet, wide-eyed expression.

Selkirk Rex – The Selkirk Rex has a naturally curly coat and was developed from a natural mutation that arose in the U.S.  Available in both longhair and shorthair the Selkirk has a rounded and stocky body.

Serengeti – A cross between the Oriental cat and the Bengal cat the Serengeti is still in the development stage.  All associations do not accept this breed.

Siamese – The Siamese has a light-colored body and majestically brilliant blue eyes.  It’s known for its vocal and demanding voice and lively affectionate personality.  It has coloured points (ears, face, tail , and feet), a slender body, and a long head with huge ears.

Siberian – Available in several colours this Russian native is most known for its brown tabby colour.  The Siberian is a semi-longhaired breed and is not accepted by all associations.

Singapura – The Singapura has an unusual warm beige colouring with a brown-ticked coat.  It is a small and shorthaired cat with large eyes.  This breed is rare.

Snowshoe – A sturdy, pointed cat the Snowshoe is a cross between the American Shorthair and the Siamese.  It has white markings on the face, chest, and feet.  All associations do not recognize this breed.

Sokoke – Descended from feral cats found in Kenya the Sokoke is a shorthaired breed with a blotched tabby pattern.  U.S. cat associations do not accept this breed and is still being developed in Europe.

Somali – The Somali is similar to the Abyssinian in colour and body type but has longhair and a bushy tail.  It has a ticked tabby pattern and is available in the blue, fawn, sorrel (red) and ruddy colours.

Sphynx – The Sphynx is covered with a soft down but appears to be hairless.  The downy coat portrays coat color and pattern.  All associations do not recognize this breed. This cat was made famous in the Austin Powers movie!

Tonkinese – A cross between the Burmese and Siamese breeds the Tonkinese is a playful, people-loving cat.  They have a sleek, soft coat with moderate body type and a pattern called “mink”.  Tonkinese is available in several colours that range between the parent breeds and some associations accept the non-mink colours and patterns.

Toyger – A cross between domestic shorthaired tabbies and Bengal cats the Toyger has a striped coat like a tiger.  The breed is still being developed and all associations do not recognize this breed.

Turkish Angora – A semi-longhaired breed, the Turkish Angora originated in Turkey and has a long body, fine, silky, coat and graceful movements.  Available in several colours and patterns the solid white coat is the most popular.

Turkish Van – With a white coat except for some colour on the head and tail the Turkish Van is a semi-longhaired cat.  They are known to be fond of swimming and water.

York Chocolate – Although not widely recognised by all associations the York Chocolate is a new breed developed from domesticated, non-pedigreed cats.  It has semi-longhair and a soft, silky coat.  It also has a feathery tail.  The colours available are solid chocolate or lavender, or solid chocolate and white or lavender and white bicolour.


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