Maine Coon Cat Tree UK

Maine Coon Cat Tree UK

There is simply no denying that a Maine Coon is the most awesome breed (in my opinion) of the feline world. So, what better way of showing your amazing kitty just how awesome they are then by presenting them with a Maine Coon Cat Tree or cat scratching post!?

The Maine Coon is a larger breed of cat. In fact, they are one of the largest domesticated breed available! Their extremely unique appearance makes them instantly recognisable. The Maine Coon also comes in short-hair and long-hair breeds as well!

These cats are very strong and adventurous, so they require a cat tree to cater for their natural urges. Mostly, the cat tree needs to be strong and sturdy!

That’s right, there is now a wide variety of products that have been made specifically for these these friendly, affectionate, loving, goofy animals. And we have compiled a list about favourites below, to make the tough decision of choosing a Maine Coon Cat Tree, just that little bit easier…

Maine Coons are very active and sociable creatures that love to explore, play and relax! They love to be in the presence other families and some would argue that they act like to pack animals a lot of the time.

If you have a Maine Coon with a big personality, then it’s highly likely that they will require a cat tree with an equal levels of personality as well!

Check out some of these stunning cat activity trees that have been built specifically to cater for all of the desires a Maine Coon could ever ask for.

If you have any suggestions for any Maine Coon Cat Trees UK that have not been listed below, then make sure to leave a comment and link to your favourites so that our visitors can check them out as well!

We simply love these large, strong and robust cat trees which are now available for sale. So, of you like the look of any of the cat trees below, snap them up before we sell out!

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Maine Coon Breed Info

Maine Coons are instantly recognisable as the largest breed of domestic cats. They have large, strong and muscular bodies to support their heavy frame. Their body shape is considered rectangular compared to the tapered shape of smaller breeds. They have large broad chests with a wider than normal leg stance.

Their iconic bushy tail is often described as similar to those of raccoons and squirrels. The Maine Coon fur coat is thick and heavy to keep the larger body warm during the colder months. Most Maine Coons have long-haired coats which are very soft and smooth, however characteristics differ between coat colors.

The length of hair differs along the body with most cats having shorter hair on the head and shoulders, longer hair along the belly, neck and ears. The coat is easy to maintain as the undercoat is lightweight, however it is important to note that molting will occur with the change of seasons.

Maine Coons posses many physical attributes that enable them to flourish in cold and harsh environments. The longer fur that is found on the underbelly is thick and water-resistant to enable the body to stay warm while lying in wet or frozen conditions. The large tufts of fur on the ear help to warm the thin wall tissue while in high wind conditions.

The bushy tail is used as a thermal seat to keep the backside of the cat off cold surfaces when seated. The tail is also used a wind breaker when it is wrapped around the face and shoulders.

Males can weigh up to 25 lb (11kg) and females up to 15lb (6.8kg) reaching a length from tip to tail of 40 in (100cm). The tail itself can grow to 14in (36cm).

The breed is considered slow maturing as full size is reached anywhere between the ages of 3-5 where most cats mature at age 1.

Coons can come in any colour found in other cat breeds due to generations of crossbreeding through domestic animals. Although physical stature and shape may depict a purebred Maine Coon, cats that posses colours suggesting cross breeding such as the Siamese patterns are not recognised by breed standards.

The classic Maine Coon fur colour is the brown tabby. All eye colours are accepted under the breed standards except for blue or mixed eyes, which are only accepted in the white furred Maine Coon.


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98% of orders of our ‘in-stock’ products are delivered within 3-5 working days of your order being placed with us. If your product does not arrive within this time period, we will send you some complimentary toys for you feline friend to play with!