Devon rex cat tree (cream)

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The Devon Rex Cat Tree (creme) is another absolutely stunning luxury cat tree from Europe’s leading cat tree specialists, RHR.

If you have an indoor feline, then it is vitally important that your precious kitty receives plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and content.

The Devon Rex Cat Tree (creme) has everything a happy kitty could ever ask for and plenty of available areas to play and explore, all packed into this compact design!

The Devon Rex Cat Tree (creme) has several plush covered platforms and a super cosy kitty condo (40 x 40 x 27 cm with a large entry of 20 x 20 cm) for your kitty to escape from the rest of the world and put their heads down for a nice and relaxing snooze!

This is an absolutely gorgeous product for cats to play on and comes with three detachable pillows which can be easily cleaned if your kitty gets a little over excited and has a mishap..

The creme colour really makes this stand out and will look fantastic within your home!

The penthouse platform stands at a height of 125cm which is more than high enough to make your feline friend feel safe and secure as they would in the wild.

They will be able to survey their surroundings and feel on top of the world!

We absolutely love this practical and incredibly stylish and sophisticated creation of cat furniture magnificence! Whilst that might be a mouthful to say quickly, your feline friend will be left absolutely speechless as they navigate their way around the Devon Rex cat tree.

This cat tree has been build to stand the test of time to European standards. Also included, are several thick, strong and sturdy sisal scratching posts for your feline friend to give their claws a good seeing too.

The base plate alone measures a whopping 70 x 50 cm so you can be sure that this will stay strong, no matter how much your crazy cat throws at it!!!



Base Plate: 70×50 and 3,5cm thick.
Total height: 120 cm.
Weight : 30 kg.
Sisal posts: 15cm diameter
With a Large lying place on top of 60x43x15cm (Pillow of 5cm thick included)

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Devon rex cat tree (cream)

  1. Deborah Jordan

    My Maine Coon loves this
    Very sturdy tree and easy to assemble.

  2. Jessica Rowles

    Really solid and sturdy construction. Fast delivery and received some free toys as well! Thanks for all your help. Maggie loves it!!

  3. James Mcewan

    Highly recommend this product. Very high quality design and suitable for both of my Maine Coons. Very easy to assemble and had it up and running within 30 minutes and I am not the best with instructions!! Thanks again for recommending this to me. I have two very happy cats!

  4. Janet

    Well worth the money!! Was nervous about spending so much on a cat tree, hut having bought cheaper models before which lasted only a few months. This cat tree is very strong and I hope will last for many years to come. Very happy with my purchase and the customer service was great from start to finish!

  5. Anne Bateman

    As with the other reviews, I would highly recommend this product.

    I’ve been looking for a good cat tree for my two Maine Coon’s for several years. Whilst not the cheapest cat tree I would say that it’s certainly the best and well worth the money.

    The tree is really easy to put together and so far it’s only been up an hour and Daisy and Murphy are already fast asleep on it!

  6. Karen Thomas

    Over the years we have purchased many cat trees but this one is exceptional for larger cats. For once they don’t hang over the top bed. Loads of room to stretch out. They absolutely love it thank you!

  7. Gordon G

    Love IT!!! Thanks for the speedy delivery 🙂

  8. Jacqueline Stewart (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful and sturdy cat tree. Unfortunately the design does not suit my cat. He is pretty agile but he is unable to jump from the floor to the bed at the top or to the box bed. The platforms in between do not assist as they are not positioned correctly to aid his ascent to the bed at the top. I have had to put a stool alongside the cat tree so my cat can jump from the stool up to the bed at the top. He is also unable to jump from the floor into the box bed. I have had to turn this round so that the opening faces the first platform. He can jump from the first platform into the box bed. Delivery was quick but the delivery people left the parcel at a random door in my street. It was raining and the package was wet and soiled by the time I figured out where the parcel was. It was extremely heavy and I was unable to carry the parcel to the correct address.

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