Cat Trees For Maine Coons (2021)

Anyone who has a Maine Coon will likely have experienced the frustration before of purchasing a cat tree and finding that after a few weeks or months it needs to be replaced..

This is a pain that is shared with many thousands of Maine Coon owners in the UK.

There are many reasons why a cat tree will fail under the sheer weight and strength of a large breeds such as a Maine Coon which we will discuss below. Fortunately we have a solution..

The number one factor to consider when purchasing a cat tree for a large breed is the diameter of the posts.

From our experience, if the scratching post has a diameter of less than 12 cm then they simply are not suitable for the force that can be applied onto them from a Maine Coon. Especially when they are energetically climbing and playing and jumping from platform to platform.

When searching for a cat tree that should be at the very top of your specifications.

Secondly, Maine Coon’s are generally considered to be aggressive scratchers..

Therefore, any cat tree that you decide then another consideration that should be taken into account is the size of the sisal rope and how it is applied onto the post.

Cheaper cat trees that your find online generally use very low quality and thin sisal rope.

We recommend the Sisal Rope should be at least 6 mm thick that should give enough strength to be able to withstand any aggressive scratcher such as the Maine Coon.

Furthermore, how the Sisal Rope has been applied onto the post is another very important factor when manufacturing a high-quality cat tree suitable for a larger breed.

Poor quality cat trees save on manufacturing costs quite substantially by simply stapling the Sisal Rope at each end when they are attached onto the column.

As a result, if one part of the rope breaks, then the rest of the rope will naturally and very quickly unravel leaving you with a bare post and lots of Sisal Rope on the floor.

Our cat trees which have been made specifically made for Maine Coons below use a much more time-consuming manufacturing process.

The rope has been glued directly onto the post so that if one part of the rope does eventually fail then the rest of the tree will still be intact which adds several months if not years onto the lifespan of the product!

Of course this would naturally add additional expense on to the production of the product and that is why we always recommend investing in a much higher quality product to avoid having to be replaced over the short to medium term.

Maine Coons are also very adventurous breeds and feel very comfortable that’s great heights as they would in the wild.

Therefore, choosing a cat tree that is able to provide a height over at least 1.5 m will give them that security and enjoyment and replicate their natural urges to climb to the very highest peaks where they feel most safe.




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Weight is incredibly important as well as it is the weight of the product that provides the foundations for strength and stability of any product.

Maine Coon cat trees simply must be heavy.

When searching for a cat tree for a Maine Coon it is important to look at the baseplate and check how thick this is.

High quality cat trees will always use a very thick and chunky baseplate normally over 4 cm and made from high density MDF.

It is also important to check the reputation of any supplier because there are many ways to make the baseplate appear much thicker than it actually is by using thicker fabric to cover the particle board.

Covering the base plate for the thick fabric can add up to 1 cm in additional thickness, but does not add to the overall weight of the board.

So, making sure that you are purchasing from a reputable supplier is very important and if you generally see large cat trees at bargain prices then this would be a cause for concern.

Another very important part of producing a high quality and strong cat tree for a Maine Coon is making sure that the plastic caps at the end of each post have used a strong and robust ABS plastic cap.

The cap is fundamental to the overall strength and stability of the product as this is where the connections are made and where the bolts attach.

ABS plastic is the strongest that he can find and we highly recommend this material or a cat tree.

Poor quality cats trees will simply staple in a circular particle board piece which can be affected by different weather conditions and humidity within your home and will very quickly fail.

There are hundreds of different ways of making Cat Trees for Maine Coons, and there are many ways to cut the cost of production dramatically that will also have a dramatic affect on the strength and stability of the product.

We have created the very best and highest quality cat tree for Maine Coons on the market today and each of the products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they stand the test of time for you big Maine Coon.

We have highlighted some of our most popular Maine Coon cat trees below and if you have any questions about any of the products I would like some additional tips and tricks to consider when looking for the perfect cat tree, then our team only ever happy to help.


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98% of orders of our ‘in-stock’ products are delivered within 3-5 working days of your order being placed with us. If your product does not arrive within this time period, we will send you some complimentary toys for you feline friend to play with!