Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower (Creme / White)

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The Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower (Creme / White) is a monster floor-to-ceiling cat activity tree from Europe’s leading cat tree specialists, RHR Quality.

This Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower comes in a beautiful Cream/ White colour, and includes several platforms and hanging snugs where your feline friend can snooze the day away from a great height.

Cats love to feel safe and in the wild they will climb up as high as possible so that they can survey their surroundings and keep an eye out for their prey. This product can be adjusted up to 275 cm making it one of the largest and most stable cat trees on the market.

The central sisal covered pole which holds this ginormous activity tree together measures a whopping 20 cm in diameter, which is more than enough scratching area to keep multiple cats scratching to their hearts content.

If you’re looking to make statement within your home then the Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower is guaranteed to offer just that!

Unlike floor-to-ceiling cat trees that are mass produced in the far east, this product has been built to European standards and great care and attention has been put into making this a strong and sturdy product which will stand the test of time.

The maine coon tower cat tree is an incredibly popular choice for discerning pet owners who are looking for a robust and stable product for their feline friends. Due to the vertical nature of this particular cat tree, this is fantastic for homes that are limited on space as it is still able to provide plenty of physical and mental stimulation in the process.

If you have any questions or queries about this product, feel free to send us a message using the contact form in the bottom right hand corner of this page and we will be happy to assist! #meow

This is a BRAND NEW model (pictured) and has been given a makeover with plush new hammocks which have been filled with the cosiest and softest filling. The ceiling attachment has also been upgraded to ensure extra stability. 

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  • Post with natural sisal rope Ø20cm diameter with wooden fittings and fully covered with black sisal
  • Total 38KG Quality Cat Tree
  • Hammocks 45 cm Ø ( Can Carry 23kg. With 1cm thick metal ring so strongest in the market )
  • Large Steps 55 x 55 x 2,5cm
  • Base stand 60 x 60 x 4,5 (Made extra heavy) and below sisal-pole is made with 4 screws in this bottom-plate. 
  • Height adjustable against ceiling from 240cm to 265cm 
Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower (Creme / White)

  1. M

    This cat tree is an absolute beast!!!! Just what i need for my two crazy Maine Coons 🙂

  2. Bertrum

    Very thick and solid construction. The scratching poles are 20cm thick and the sisal rope is high quality with no fraying as can be seen on cheaper models. You do need space for this though as obviously it is not the smallest cat tree out there!

  3. Charis Griffiths

    If you compare this to what you can get from other luxury cat tree retailers, this actually is very good value for money. Even though I would never have imagined spending this much money on my cat. It was worth it though as I know it won;t need replacing anytime soon,

  4. Elliot Lodge

    This cat tree is incredible. The quality is incredible and the service from you guys has been.. incredible! From start to finish I want to thanks you for everything. My cats love it!!

  5. Andrea

    Great tree very good quality pleased as well worth it

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