Tips On Choosing A Cat Scratching Post!

Tips On Choosing A Cat Scratching Post

Tips On Choosing A Cat Scratching Post!

One of the biggest problems most cat owners have is that cats love to scratch on pretty much everything. From furniture to the floor, anything can become a scratching post for a feline. Any owner who wants to solve this problem or avoid it should consider purchasing cat scratching posts. These can allow cats to freely scratch without ruining a fine piece of furniture! There are a lot of different types of scratching posts available; here are some tips to keep in mind when buying them.

1. Design
There are now more cat scratching posts available than ever. This means that shoppers have the advantage of being able to get posts that actually look nice inside of their home! A lot of these have unique designs that actually look like pieces of art. They can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, hallway, living room or bedroom without looking like a huge eye sore. The fun shapes and eye-catching designs can lend a lot of style to a room and make it even better than it was before.
The cat tree -like posts are generally the most popular because these work as play areas as well. Most of these have a material like carpet on them so the cats can scratch away without ruining the post. These also have shelves and other areas where kitties can hide away for the day.

2. Size
The size of the scratching post will depend on how many cats there are in the household. The really large posts are best for a household that has multiple cats. Some of these are long, some are tall and others are small and compact. Owners should also decide on the scratching post that is a good size for the room it will go in. Most cats prefer large vertical posts, but preferences will vary from cat to cat. Having different sizes available throughout the house is the best way to go.

3. Placement
Sometimes it’s not always best to buy just one scratching post for an entire house. Most cats want to scratch no matter what room they are in and won’t go to separate room just to stretch out there claws. This is when multiple cat scratching posts will come in handy. Owners could place one by their couch, one by their bed and another next to the litter box. By strategically placing the posts, cats will always have a place where they can scratch. This means they will opt for scratching on the post instead of on the furniture or carpet.

4. Material
Some cat scratching posts are made with carpet while others are made of a rougher material. Some cats prefer different types of materials, which means having different options is a really good idea. Sisal is a rougher fabric that is generally best for scratching posts to have on it. This doesn’t tear easily and it won’t shred, which means no mess to clean up!

5. Price
It’s always a good idea to shop around for the very best price. This will ensure not too much money is spent and multiple posts can be purchased without breaking the bank. There are even ways owners can make their own scratching posts with cheap materials!

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