Cat Scratching Posts Are Essential For Your Cat!

Cat Scratching Posts Are Essential For Your Cat!

Cat Scratching Posts Are Essential For Your Cat!

Cat scratching posts don’t have to be bought. They can be something as simple as the tree in your yard or maybe a mat reserved specifically for the pet cat.

If your cat is particular about its scratching surface, then you can make your own cat scratching posts. They are usually made of wood and fabric and should be designed with a good base.

In addition, posts should look like a tree stump since tree stumps largely appeal to a cat’s scratching instinct, aesthetically. However, if you do not really have time to construct a homemade cat scratching posts, we have the largest selection of cat scratching posts available to buy in the UK. Again, take note of your pet cat’s preference when choosing one. If you are still unsure, check out our resource on cat scratching furniture for some more helpful tips.

You should also take note that the posts should have the ability to withstand your pet cat’s constant clawing, scratching, attacking and climbing. Whether it is homemade or bought from Cat Tree UK, make sure that the cat scratching post is durable.

While clawing and scratching is great for your cat, it might not take to the activity automatically. It would help the owners to actually show the cat how to use the cat scratching post. Running one’s finger along the surface would be demonstration enough. It would also help to put catnip on the surface of the cat scratching post and continually placing your cat near the post. It might also be difficult to persuade your cat to use the cat scratching post for its clawing and scratching. This is especially true as most cats are attracted or accustomed to doing these activities on your furniture.

Owners should start training their cats to use the post for exercise while they’re still young. Giving your pet cat incentives will greatly help.

However, if your cat is still using your furniture, it is best to enforce different reinforcements at the same time. For example, use a negative reinforcement when your cat scratches your furniture. Negative reinforcements can be in the form of scolding or spraying your cat. On the other hand, when your cat uses the cat scratching post, you may give your pet positive reinforcement. This can be in the form of cat treats or petting.

Contrary to what most people believe, exercising is also essential for your pets. If you own a cat pet, make sure to use a cat scratching post. This will not only help your cat receive adequate exercise, but it will also prevent damaging your furniture.

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