Are cat trees really worth it?

As a cat owner you take on great responsibility bringing a new family member into your home.

Just like having children, it’s important to constantly look for different ways to ensure that your cat is healthy, happy and also entertained!

There is absolutely no shortage of games and play-things that you can purchase for your cat, but one of the most common and essential purchases that we recommend to cat owners today is a cat tree.

Cat trees come in a variety of different shapes and sizes as well as a multitude of different designs not only to cater for the space within your home, but also the level of energy of your cats and also their size as well!

Some cats are very happy sleeping all day and cuddling on the sofa and occasionally looking out the window.

Most cats however, are activity driven and do require a place where they can let off their energy whilst being safe and secure at all times.

A cat tree solves many of these inherent desires!

What Value Cat Trees Have ???

Whether you like it or not cats do need to maintain their claws.

It is also one of the most frustrating aspects of owning a cat that they see no value in your material possessions and will quite happily dig their claws into any surface but most commonly cat owners will recognise the sofa or the carpet as being a place for them to release their scratching urges.

A cat tree provides a much more robust surface that they can scratch, claw and tear in full safety and cat owners can sleep safe in the knowledge that their own material possessions will not be damaged.

For first time cat tree owners it won’t take long before you can truly appreciate the full destruction that a cat can achieve on a scratching post wrapped in rough Sisal Rope.

The cost of a cat tree can quite easily be offset by the cost of having your entire furniture reupholstered!

Consider this a fantastic investment to protect your own furnishings.

Cats also love to climb and get to the highest available spot in any room!

A Cat Tree provides this and also ensures that they can look down on their surroundings and safety and comfort from one of the multiple platforms and hammocks available for them to perch.

Safety and security is paramount and whilst cats find it very easy to navigate upwards, getting back down can often prove more difficult especially for cats that are not as mobile as they once were.

Another of the great benefits of a cat tree is that they can be incredibly stylish and also fit into your home decor without compromising your own personal style within your home.

Yes, you can find very loud bright green cat trees that are very hard to avoid but the market has evolved so much over the last five years that cat owners have much more choice so that the cat tree that they choose for the cat will fit into their home and almost become part of the furniture.

Cat Trees provide your cats with their very own special and safe place for them to go to whenever they wish. It’s almost like they’re home within a home!

Guaranteed Entertainment

Whilst humans like to turn on the telly after a hard day at work, cats of course won’t be able to understand the latest Netflix series as humans will!

Cats get their pleasure from exploring, climbing, scratching and sleeping.

Having a multipurpose cat tree that is able to cater for all of these essential needs is incredibly important and there is only one product that is able to tick every box.

You guessed it, they are called cat trees!

All cats are different and have their own unique personalities.

Therefore, if you have an adventurous cat that has lots of energy then it’s important to cater your cat tree to their desires and their natural personalities.

For example, we would recommend a large playing structure that has multiple playing areas and a top perching area where they can feel king or queen of their domain!

Investing in a high quality product is it going to give you much more longevity and this is also important as cats will become very attached to their cat tree.

They will often rub their scent into the fabric and changing a cats tree to often make cause unnecessary stress for your cat.

How would you feel if your special place was taken away and replaced every three or four months?

Also, buying second-hand cat tree is never a good idea in our opinion.

The previous owners cats will have left a scent and then markers on the product and again this may induce a certain amount of stress for cats as they will not be able to determine where the centre is coming from and may feel threatened.

Would you buy a sofa or a bed that still smelt of the previous owner? 

Let’s not forget the cats also have much more sensitive noses than us humans…

So, Are Cat Trees Really Worth It?

Can you really put a price on happiness for your cats? Seeing your cat happy and content as well as having good physical and mental health is priceless in our opinion.

Therefore, a cat tree we would consider to be an essential purchase for your home and your cats well-being.

Purchasing the wrong type of product or indeed an unsuitable strength cat tree for your cat may cause more problems than it solves.

Therefore, doing some research and also studying your cat to ensure that whatever product you eventually do decide to purchase caters for their most popular passions will pay dividends in the end!

We have listed below some of our most popular cat trees for you to look at and if you have any questions or would like us to recommend or suggest a product for you, then feel free to get in touch with one of the team and we can use our expert 15 years of experience in order to guide you to the most suitable product!



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98% of orders of our ‘in-stock’ products are delivered within 3-5 working days of your order being placed with us. If your product does not arrive within this time period, we will send you some complimentary toys for you feline friend to play with!