Kilimanjaro Cat Tree (Light Grey)

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Ladies and gentlemen and fellow feline friends…

Feast your eyes on this magnificent architectural giant that is the Kilimanjaro which has been given an extremely stylish makeover with the introduction of this beautifully sumptuous and elegantly stunning grey finish..

This unbelievably practical and stylish cat furniture is extremely robust and is a welcome addition to kick off 2019!

This cat tree is part of the RHR Quality range which has been made specifically for larger breeds that require something a little bit more sturdy and strong to be able to accommodate them safely.

Not only this, but you can be assured that this will not have to be thrown away after a couple of uses like cheaper cat trees that you can find elsewhere..

The Kilimanjaro cat tree has been a firm favourite over the last few years and has continued development to ensure that the strongest and most robust cat furniture is provided to the feline world.

The hammocks for example have been tested up to a weight of 23 kg and we have received pictures of customers whose dogs have also felt left out and had a go themselves!

In 2018, the Kilimanjaro cream colour was our best seller. But, we have a strong suspicion that this will soon become the most popular RHR Quality cat tree that we have available for 2019 as we personally absolutely love the beautiful detail that has gone into producing this gorgeous piece of cat furniture.

You can be 100% assured that no matter how big your feline friend is they will never be able to conquer the Kilimanjaro Grey Cat Tree!

A fantastic quality about this product is that each of the levels are interconnecting and have been developed specifically to ensure that your feline friends can get maximum pleasure as they take themselves on their own little adventure as they navigate their way to the top where a plush bedding area awaits them.

If you have multiple felines then they will each have a special place that they can call their own as there is also a cosy little hammock as well!


Quality product from RHRQuality with stable construction. 45KG total weight!

8 x strong sisal trunks with a diameter of 12 cm with sisal.

Base plate: 74 x 59 (4 cm thick) and height: 180 cm. Heavy plush 600gr / m2! 

Mooring above 60x43x15cm with 2.5cm thick wood and removable 5cm thick cushions.

Hammock: 45cm Ø (suitable for heavy cats and tested up to 23kg.)

With a 1 cm thick metal frame extra reinforcing available)

The New 2018 lying bowl> A combination between a pillow and a lying bowl. The dream of every cat. NEW!

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