Cat Tree Panther (Dark Grey)

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The Cat Tree Panther (Dark Grey) is a mega sturdy kitty construction with a beatiful dark grey plush covering!

With 12cm thick sisal poles connecting everything together, your feline friend will have plenty of space to explore and ‘chillax’ …

At 173cm tall, the Cat Tree Panther (Dark Grey) offers your cat the height they need to feel safe and secure and keep an eye on everything happening around them.

The base plate (100x60x4cm) is strong and sturdy, and will keep everything held together for many years!

Unlike some budget cat trees which are mass produced in China, the Cat Tree Panther (Dark Grey) has been built to the very highest of European standards, so you can be sure that you are investing in a strong and robust cat tree that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

We offer a 1 year warranty with this product to give you piece of mind as well and if you have a large cat such as a Maine Coon, Ragdoll or Siberian, this cat tree has been made specifically to cater for all of their needs.

Your feline friend will simply love to climb the sisal poles. Or, take a ‘cat nap’ in one of the cosy, soft and cuddly hanging mats that are scattered throughout.

If they are feeling particularly adventurous, there is a penthouse snuggle bed where they can feel like the King (or Queen) of the house. This cat tree is quite simply, breathtaking!

This truly is an incredibly magnificent design which will take pride of place within any home and change the life of your feline friend immeasurably!

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Total 62KG 

Height 173 cm.

Hammocks : 45cm (Tested to 20kg)

Sisal posts: 12cm diameter with black sisal.

Large lying place on top 60x43x15cm 

Base stand 100x60x4cm.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Cat Tree Panther (Dark Grey)

  1. Fon


  2. Terru

    We purchased this because we saw Jodie Marsh had the same product! So glad we bought this. Although exxpesive, the quality is very good! Very pleased!

  3. Jonathan Willis

    Strong and sturdy! I can’t imagine there being a cat big enough to move this thing! haha Thanks again for your kind service

  4. Tessa J

    I am only giving this 4 stars because I cannot afford it and I am jealous.. 🙁

  5. Dale Rea

    You really cannot go wrong with this. Yes, it is more expensive than other cat trees, so what?! You get what you pay for and this is a damn sight cheaper than Tigga Towers!!

  6. Janice Sellers

    Wont repeat what others have said as price is really irrelevant when you get some much for our money. This is an incredible cat tree as it should be ok to say so. My cats are four Maine Coons and they are unable to move this unlike poor cheaper alternatives

  7. Gerald

    There was a delay to my order, but quickly resolves and worth the wait. Thanks,

  8. Ian Morrison (verified owner)

    Very impressive delivery time. Outstanding product, good quality and appears solid and looks set to last. Cat No 1 (on penthouse) would definitely give thumbs up but no thumbs so high four paw instead. Cat No 2 still undecided, but favourable.

  9. Rachel Hay (verified owner)

    What a fabulous cat tree. Just built it up which was very easy and I am so impressed as are my 2 cats. It is expensive but is pure feline luxury. In this case it is worth every penny.

  10. Hanna-Leena (verified owner)

    Beautiful cat tree. Easy to build and my big cats love those big hanging mats. I had no problems with my order at all and delivery to Finland was fast.

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