Royalty Plus (Light Grey)

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The Royalty Plus is a firm favourite amongst our customers due to its stylish and yet simple design.. Appearances can be deceptive though..

This incredibly robust cat tree provides your feline friend with everything they need to cater for all of their natural urges. Such urges include sleeping, scratching and climbing!

If you have a larger cat that requires something more robust that is able to withstand a ferocious feline climbing and jumping from platform to platform in safety and security, then the Royalty Plus should be at the top of your list! At 35kg in weight, cat trees do not get much heavier and robust than this.

Unlike other cat trees which are made from reinforced cardboard tubing, no expense has been spared with the wooden tubing at a wonderfully thick 20 cm in diameter scratching post that can be found on this cat tree.

This ensures that even if you have multiple felines climbing and playing at the same time, this will remain perfectly straight and upright at all times. No need to rush down the pet store every other month to have a replacement as well! This product comes with a one year warranty and if you required a replacement part in the future then this can be arranged without having to have the whole cat tree replaced.

The baseplate is 60 cm x 60 cm and 5 cm thick, and provides the perfect foundation for additional strengths and robustness.

If all this wasn’t enough, the hammock that is included has been filled with a soft padding and can be machine washed on a low heat. The only problem that you will have with this hammock is getting your feline friend back out of it as soon as they have touched their paws down into the beautifully soft centre…

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  • Posts with natural sisal 20cm diameter with wooden fittings!
  • Total 35KG Quality Cat Tree
  • Large lying place on top 60x43x15 (Pillow of 5cm thick included).
  • Plates 55x55cm and Hanging mat 44cm (Tested on 23KG)
  • Base stand 60×60 x 4,5 (Made extra heavy) and below sisal post is made with 4 screws in this bottom-plate.
  • Total size 60x60x157. Steps/ lying place 55×55 cm. Very steady.
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