The Rebels Maine Coon Scratching Lounge 173cm (Royal Black)

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The Rebels Maine Coon Scratching Lounge 173cm is an extra large scratching post tree that has been fitted with the most luxurious and cosy penthouse bed and a dangling sisal rope!

Your kitty can climb, stretch and scratch to their hearts content and the strong base plate holds everything together very safely and securely. Whilst this has a cosy and soft outer shell, the inner core is incredibly strong and robust! The Rebels Maine Coon Scratching Lounge 173cm is dedicated to big and strong felines who loves to scratch!

No longer will your sofa feel the full brunt of your kitties claws. Now, they have the puuurfect distraction for them to go to as and when they need to relax or scratch. The scratching post has been anchored into the 5cm baseplate to ensure that everything stays nicely erect!

The scratching post has a diameter of 20cm making it one of the largest available on the market!

Nothing gets chunkier than the Rebels Maine Coon Scratching Lounge 173cm 🙂


measurements: 80x80cm/height 173cm

product details:
plush quality: 600g/m2
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
post fixed with 4 screws
pole diameter: 20cm
sturdy 8 mm sisal in natural colored, extra glued
sisal play rope in natural color
measurements sisal play rope: Ø 5cm/length 120cm
measurements sofa: 60x60cm/height 16cm
sofa filled with soft PP
measurements hammock: Ø 45cm / up to 20kg
measurement board: 60x60cm/height 2cm
measurements bottom board: 80x80cm/height 5cm

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