Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower PLUS Blackline (Anthracite)

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The Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower PLUS Blackline (Anthracite) is an absolute monster of a cat tree!

This humungous scratching tree for your feline friend provides a truly unique scratching and climbing experience for your feline. Make no mistake, scratching trees really do not get any bigger, stronger or sturdier than this!

The central scratching column has a ludicrous diameter of 20cm, making it one of the thickest and strongest scratching posts available on the market and puuurfect for larger breeds that typically destroy cat furniture within a matter of days.

The Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower PLUS Blackline (Anthracite) is built to be robust and take everything that your feline friend can throw at it. In-fact, even a lion would struggle to knock this cat tree over.

There are 5 separate platforms where your kitty can relax and watch the world go by in plush comfort and peruse their surroundings majestically.

As you can see from the pictures, the Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower PLUS Blackline (Anthracite) is a towering piece of kitty architecture that will take centre stage in any room. Your kitty will have never felt so spoiled!

If you have multiple felines, the Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower PLUS Blackline (Anthracite) is more than capable of providing enough space for multiple felines at the same time and the base plate (60 x 60 x 45cm) has been made extra heavy to ensure that it holds everything together safely which gives you piece of mind as well…

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist!

This is a BRAND NEW model (pictured) and has been given a makeover with plush new hammocks which have been filled with the cosiest and softest filling. The ceiling attachment has also been upgraded to ensure extra stability. 



Base Plate: 70 x 70 x 4.5 cm
70X70X 245 – 275 cm
Sisal post with a diameter of 20 cm
3 x platforms: 44 cm Diameter (Suitable for heavy cats and tested up to 23 kg)
2 x Sun Lounger Platze 55x55x2,5 cm.
Lounger and resting surfaces are changeable design just the way that as you like.
Colour: Blackline Anthracite (also available in cream or charcoal)

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower PLUS Blackline (Anthracite)

  1. Cristine Madison

    Very high quality cat tree with nice sisal rope. I was advised to wait for this upgraded model as the previous version has carpet. Definitely worth waiting an extra week as you can see the quality in this product. Very strong and sturdy and I have three happy cats!

  2. Doris D

    Have to agree with the previous review. This is very strong and thick. Easy to follow instructions and nice soft hammocks. There was a slight issue with the couriers who delivered to my neighbour despite requesting it to be left in my garage, but this was quickly resolved and my cats are very pleased.

  3. Jonny

    Great cat tree!!!!

  4. Lucy Will

    Not the cheapest cat tree out there to be honest. But… I guess you get what you pay for. This is made to last a lifetime and each of the competent that make up this cat tree are very well made and high quality.

  5. Emma Reals

    This cat tree is huge! My ceiling was slightly higher than the specifications listed. However, Jon was very accommodating in providing extra long poles to make it fit. First class cat tree and first class service!

  6. Sue

    This was recommended to me by Jon after requesting a cat tree that would be suitable for my two rag dolls. As soon as I saw this cat tree I knew it would be perfect and it did not fail to disappoint. It did take me a while to get it together and the instructions could have been made a little clearer, but once it is up I can;t see it coming down anytime soon! Thanks again for your excellent service.

  7. Doreen

    This cat tree is a monster!! Perfect for my little monsters .. They love it!

  8. David King

    If you are looking for a floor to ceiling cat tree then you cannot go wrong with this. It is fantastic. Slight delay on delivery sadly so cannot offer 5 stars, but the quality of the actual cat tree is great. Thanks Jon for your help.

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