Multi Level Cat Trees

Multi Level Cat Trees

Make no mistake, cats absolutely love to climb and explore!

It is for this very inherent and natural urge that when considering purchasing some cat furniture for your feline friend, that it has sufficient platforms and levels for them to be able to get the physical and mental stimulation that they require.

In the wild, cats have been known to climb up the largest of trees and this is also become a common sight across the internet where the Fire Brigade are called out to rescue an adventurous cat who can’t seem to find their way back down to the ground level.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the space in doors to be able to provide a natural tree that cascades throughout your home. However, our cats trees have been designed specifically to replicate this natural and perfectly common exercise within your home safely and securely.

One thing to consider when looking to purchase a multi-level cat tree is that it is a strong and robust construction that is able to withstand your feline friend (multiple feline friends) something from platform to platform, scratching and climbing as they can do quite vigorously as you may be aware.

Using the scratching posts as support stems in order to keep the various levels strong and secure, It’s important that these poles are nice and thick and have strong bolts to be able to affix the multiple levels to.

Many of our cats trees have up to 6 or seven levels for them to be able to climb and explore. No matter what the age of your precious pet is, even the least agile of cats may surprise you as to how high and four they can still jump. We do also have some cat furniture which has slides and tunnel for them to be able to use instead of the traditional platforms on a multi level cat tree.

We have provided a list of our favourite multilevel cat trees below and as you can see we have a wide selection available to choose from with each of them having their own unique qualities as well.

We have the largest selection of multilevel cat furniture not just in the UK but also right across Europe as well. So, if you cannot find the multilevel cat furniture that you are looking for, then it does not likely exist!

So what do you think of a fabulous selection in the comment section below and if you have found any multi level products which we do not directly stock on this website then please do let us know and we will try and include it in our next range.

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