Do cats need a tall cat tree?

As a cat owner it will become very quickly apparent that cats are notorious climbers.

Coming home after a long day at the office and finding your cat at the top of the shelves or hanging off your new chandelier, You name it! Cats will try and climb to the highest point.

Climbing to the highest vantage point is a natural instinct that stems back to when cats were wild beings and they would always feel much safer the higher they are in order to stay safe from predators but also keep an eye on their surroundings.

Cats are very inquisitive animals and you will find that they enjoy simple pleasures such as looking at the window and watching the birds go by and the cars driving past below them and watching the world go by around them.

Not all cats are able to go outside and therefore having a cat tree that they are able to enjoy safely and comfortably to replicate this natural urge is very important.

And therefore it begs the question, just how tall should your cat tree be?

As a rule of thumb, we would suggest that any category above 5 foot tall will be more than sufficient for them to gain enough of the vantage point and feel plenty safe and secure

If you have a kitten then perhaps investing in a smaller cat tree that has been designed in such a way that they are able to navigate up to the higher levels via interconnecting platforms or ladders would be a good decision as well.

A floor-to-ceiling Cat Tree is also a good option as cats will be able to dig their claws into the Sisal Rope and use this to pull them up to the very top levels where a wonderfully soft and cosy hammock will be waiting for them.

Getting up it’s very easy for cats but sometimes getting down again can prove a little difficult so ensure that there are more than sufficient steps and platforms for your cat to be able to easily navigate downwards as it is possible that the product may be too tall and could in fact become dangerous, particularly for cats who are not as agile.

Cats are remarkable creatures and they will always land on their feet so generally you can have peace of mind that cats will find it no problem jumping down from great heights without any risk of injury.

Cats have incredibly strong back leg muscles which allow them to propel themselves upwards at a great speed and height. On the way down cats will naturally twist their bodies midair to ensure that they fall on their feet.

The most important factor for a catch tray is to ensure that they are stable and strong.

The vast majority of injuries that will occur on cats trees as if they are not strong or stable or if they break and fail. Wobbly cat trees can be incredibly dangerous particularly if some of the parts snap or break and could potentially fall on top of your cat which must be avoided at all times.

All of our cats trees have been tested under a great deal of stress to ensure that they are the strongest available on the market today and no risk or injury would occur from failed parts.

So what size Cat Tree should you get?

This really depends on the amount of space that you have within your home, obviously budget will play an important factor as to how sizeable the products you can afford will be, but generally speaking we again suggest any product which is over 5 foot tall would be sufficient in height.

The more important factor to consider much more so than height will be the diameter of the posts.

If you have a large breed of cat then we do not recommend purchasing a cat tree that has a diameter of scratching post below 10 cm.  The cats will be too heavy for these thin posts and the chance of breakages happening would be very high.

Choosing a thicker post you will get much more usage from the products and they will be much more safe and give far more value for money over the long term.

Where should I buy my cat tree?

If you are reading this post and you have come to the very best place! We have over 300 different cat trees of all shapes and sizes to match everyone’s different types of budgets as well. If you have a large cat and are looking for something particularly strong and stable then we would recommend our Bold PAW range which are the very strongest available anywhere in the world today.

What is the tallest cat tree?

The tallest scratching post that you can buy today would be one of our floor to ceiling Maine coon tower products which can be extended up to a height of 3 m! You can order one of these products below and just look how incredibly tall they are! Despite their great height they don’t actually end up taking up too much space within your home and only require a space of 60 cm x 60 cm and can be easily put in the corner of your home giving your cat the chance to look down at you at all times!



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98% of orders of our ‘in-stock’ products are delivered within 3-5 working days of your order being placed with us. If your product does not arrive within this time period, we will send you some complimentary toys for you feline friend to play with!