WARNING!! Shanghai Halfly Industrial Co., Ltd (SCAM)

If you are considering using Shanghai Halfly Industrial Co., Ltd for any product manufacturing. We advise to avoid at all costs.

After investing over 35,000USD for stock of our products, this company frequently made changes to our designs without informing us and also removing important parts from our container without advising us.

It was only when our stock landed at our warehouse that this was discovered and Shanghai Halfly Industrial advised us that there was not enough space on the container and these parts were not shipped.

The packing list which was sent contained abbreviated SKU’s which bore no correlation to the items being shipped, despite the previous packing list which was agreed to and signed for being correct and confirmed.

We also discover that this company has changed the agreed production materials to what was previously agreed from a HDF board to a cheap chip board resulting in many of our products being damaged.

Hammocks which were contained on the packing list were also left out of the shipment and only upon clarifying the situation when the boat was 4 weeks into the journey did this company advise that they were not included.

The thickness of the MDF (but we now discover chipboard) was also changed without our consent to a much thinner material.

The designs of our hammocks had changed as well after prior approval of the samples with much cheaper stitching.

2 SKU’s were packed incorrectly with the wrong part and due to Shanghai Halfly Industrial Co., Ltd not packing the spare parts into the container we were left with 30% of the stock not being able to be sold. The pillow and triangular board were part of a set and yet they left out 50% of the set meaning that we have additional useless parts which cannot be used.

The only way to solve the problem is to take parts out of the boxes of other products which means that we cannot sell those items and there are not enough parts to service the orders.

Shipment of the stock took 3 months to land, and what we have received bears no resemblance to what we ordered AT ALL with much inferior products.

The brand tag also was not as was agreed. We asked for a sample brand tag  and they only produced the photoshop file, after requesting for a sample they then went on to mass produce the brand tag and attach them to the products without any consent.

This company is nothing but a scam and anyone considering using them we strongly urge to AVOID at all costs.

At every stage of production we were misled and they take no responsibility for their actions and instead blame us for not checking that they had not changed anything from our agreement and confirmed production schedule.

We will ensure that everyone knows about this company and we urge any potential retailers of pet products not to use Shanghai Halfly Industrial Co., Ltd for any of their manufacturing. They are simply a scam.

Our lawyers are now dealing with Alibaba to try to resolve this as this company has cost us over £60,000 in sales and additional fees resulting in products having to be thrown away.




Shanghai Halfly Industrial Co., Ltd can be found at Ali BABA and their profile is = https://shanghaihalfly.en.alibaba.com/

We are still hoping for a resolution with this company. However, from arbitration from Alibaba they are still unable to accept responsibility for faulty goods.

Not only this, but during arbitration they provided false information as well as their entire supplier list which is a clear breach of GDPR and we are very unsure whether our information has been shared with third parties.

Should you have any questions about Shanghai Halfly Industrial Co., Ltd in China or on Alibaba then we are happy to share our experience in more details. It is important to do your own due diligence and please be very careful when using companies on Alibaba especially ones that claim to make cat trees.

We have been extremely patient with our products and accepted many changes prior to packing onto the container in good faith. As soon as money is paid then all responsibility to solve issues in the manufacturing process Shanghai Halfly Industrial Co., Ltd seem to take no great interest in dealing with and produce false information to Ali Baba arbitration in order to avoid paying the necessary compensation for faults and manufacturing defects.


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98% of orders of our ‘in-stock’ products are delivered within 3-5 working days of your order being placed with us. If your product does not arrive within this time period, we will send you some complimentary toys for you feline friend to play with!