Tips On Choosing A Cat House!

Tips On Choosing A Cat House!

Tips On Choosing A Cat House!

Cat houses should be considered to be one of the best types of furniture that any cat owner can buy for their cat. There are many benefits associated with owning such a piece of furniture. A cat house will improve the cat’s quality of life in more ways than one. Having an idea of the benefits will help you buy a good cat house At the same time, getting some tips on the how to choose a good cat house will also ensure you get right type for your cat.

Cat houses will give cats a chance to have a place where they can hide and nap. All cats love sleeping with the average sleep time of adult cats being about 16 – 18 hours a day. This type of furniture will help a cat enjoy its sleep at any time of the day. Secondly, the cat houses give a cat a great place to play. Buying a cat house will help you avoid damage to your furniture and other accessories in your home by your cat. Some come with their own toys and you also have the option of attaching toys that your cat seems to prefer.

Now that the benefits of cat house have been known, it is good to look at some tips that will ensure the right cat house is bought.

There are four main tips that should be kept in mind when buying these types of cat houses. They are:

1. A cat house should have several compartments to give your cat some variety. In the event you have more than one cat, the cat house should be large and have multiple compartments to ensure there is enough space for the cats to move freely.

2. Dimensions: The dimensions of the cat house should be ideal for your home. If you have a small house, you should get a smaller cat house that can be used for a single cat. On the other hand, if you have a large house and several cats, you should consider a large cat house. Cat houses should have some perches for the cat to lounge after it has climbed up. The cat house is normally attached to a cat tree
3. Accessories: You should get a condo that has a scratcher on the exterior and some toys inside it. If you cannot get one that has these items, you can put in your cat’s current toys. A scratcher can be made from seagrass or sisal and attached to the exterior of the condo.

4. Quality: Good cat condos should be of high quality in order for it to last long. You should try shaking it a little to evaluate it’s sturdiness before you buy it. Make sure it also matches your home decor. This way, your cat will feel like it is still at home when it is inside the condo.

Following these tips will help you get a cat house that will be suitable for the needs of your cat. Try to remember that if you have more than one cat, you may need to consider each of their preferences. All in all, choosing cat condos should be very easy when you implement such tips.

Here are a few of our favourite cat houses! Let us know what you think in the comments below 🙂


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