Pavas Cat Tree

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The Pavas Cat Tree is a gorgeous cat tree that provides your feline with a fun activity tree to keep them happy, content, and entertained!

At 102cm tall, the Pavas Cat Tree certainly packs a punch and gives your kitty more than enough areas to explore and play without taking over your entire room! Puuuuurfect is you are a bit limited on space…

With 3 cosy platforms for your kitty to kick back and relax, they will be living in the land of luxury as they have a comatose’d cat nap on the plush penthouse cat bed.

If they feel like having a bit of play time, them they can try and catch the natty hanging play-ball attached which will get their brains working into overdrive and tap into their natural hunting instincts!


Size show äche / base size: 60 x 40 cm

Height / height: 102 cm

Sisal posts / sisal trunks: Ø 9 cm

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