Maine Coon Tower (Brown)

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The Maine Coon Tower (Brown) is an absolutely massive, monstrous and frighteningly large piece of cat furniture for your adventurous feline!

If you are looking for a towering piece of kitty architecture for a feline that has no fear of heights? Then look absolutely no further than the Maine Coon Tower (Brown) which now comes in the standing combination of creme and brown!

This humungous scratching floor-to-ceiling cat tree for your feline friend provides a truly unique scratching and climbing experience for your feline.

Unlike some of the cheaper models which you can find that’s actually pose a danger to your feline friends due to their weak and unstable construction…

The Maine Coon Tower (Brown) is as sturdy as they come and will never be moved even if you have multiple feline friends or playing and enjoying this cat tree at the same time! The hammocks for example have been tested up to a weight of 25kg’s and we have received pictures of dogs who have also managed to happily relax and chill-out in the super-strength chill zones.

The baseplate alone is 60 cm x 60 cm making it incredibly strong and providing the most amazing foundation for an incredibly robust piece of cat furniture. This product is clamped to the ceiling with an extendable screw and a pad which causes absolutely no damage to your ceiling.


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  •  20 CMØ sisal poles 38 kg.
  • This large cats XXL is super strong and stable large tree scratching post with high quality.
  • Square base for maximum stability: 60 cm x Depth 4 cm very strong construction.
  • The sisal posts has a diameter of 20 cm Special Feature: attaching the base posts with 4 screws. 
  • Designed specifically for large and heavy cats (38 kg total weight) sleeping surfaces/55 x 55 cm. 
  • Lounger: 45 cm Diameter (suitable for heavy cats and tested up to 23kg. With a 1 cm thick metal frame extra reinforcing available) 
  • 60X60X245 265 cm
  • Height Adjustable with ceiling support.
  • Higher or lower is also possible on request. 
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