LA MAITRESSE WALL KIT is an additional building block in this beatiful range of luxury cardboard cat scratching furniture.

Make no mistake, cats love to climb, scratch and explore? The LA MAITRESSE WALL KIT  cat furniture has been made from the highest quality, robust corrugated cardboard for wall mounting.

Cats love to perch at great heights and unlike floor standing cat scratchers, the LA MAITRESSE WALL KIT  can be placed anywhere in your home at any height.

The universal wall bracket is of course part of the delivery and can loose weight 12 kg record. We know customers who were even able to accommodate up to 4 cats easily accommodate.

Every single model is hand-made individually for you immediately after you order has been received in Berlin and crafted to perfection.

For more information about the wide array of colours and customisation options available to you then please visit our colour catalogue for more information and select you favourite today!

DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): ca. 80.0 cm x 36.5 cm x 34.0 cm

Important instructions:

Each wall model is supplied with a concealed wall bracket of aluminium, on which the cat scratching furniture is pushed. You alone must take care of dowels and screws, as each wall has a different texture. We strongly suggest seeking advice from a professional.

The wall mount can be used universally for all cat-on wall panels.

Please note that the pictures shows an example of a combined wall mounting. The selling price is a unit price and is based on the individual wall element including the concealed wall bracket.

Additional Information

000 000 white, 000a 000a white, 000b 000b Asia flowers in gray to white, black border, 000c 000c Asia black flowers on white, black border, 000d 000d white with gray edge, 000g 000g white rim on black, 000x 000x painted white, 000Z 000Z stripe pattern in black and white, 001 001 gray, 001b 001b gray, 002 002 brown, 002b 002b brown antique, 002F 002F antiqued brown – beige, 002G 002G brown border on white, 003 003 Dark Brown, 003C 003C Asia orange flowers on brown, 004 004 dark, 004b 004b Asia flowers in orange to yellow, 004c 004c lilac, 004E 004E dark yellow, 004F 004F orange, 004G 004G pink, 005 005 sand, 005b 005b beige, 005F 005F light beige, 006 006 olive, 006C 006C turquoise, 006D 006D light blue, 006h 006h hemlock, 007 007 Asia red flowers on black, dark edge, 008 008 Asia red flowers on black, bright edge, 009 009 Asia blue flowers on beige, dark edge, 010 010 Asia blue flowers on beige, bright edge, 011 011 Asia golden crane on black, 012 012 Asia silver crane on black, 013 013 black, 013b 013b Asia black flowers on black, 013C 013C Asia rouille, 013d 013d Asia flowers in white on black, 013h 013h anthracite, 013X 013X painted black, 014 014 Asia golden flowers on black, 015 015 Asia silver flowers on black, 016 016 Asia lilac flowers on beige-gray, 016B 016B Asia red flowers on white, 016C 016C Asia flowers in brown on beige-gray, 016D 016D Asia flowers in purple on white, 016f 016f Asia flowers in white to yellow, 016G 016G light blue pastel, 017 017 Asia olive flowers on beige-gray, 017B 017B Asia flowers in olive on white, 017C 017C Asia flowers in white on mud, 017D 017D Asia flowers in maroon on Wenge, 017e 017e Asia flowers in orange on beige, 018 018 Asia black flowers on beige-gray, 018b 018b Asia flowers in black on beige, 019 019 Asia white flowers on beige-gray, 019b 019b Asia white flowers on dark beige, 019c 019c beige-brown, 020 020 Asia gray flowers on black, 021 021 Asia white flowers on black, 025 025 Asia Crane in lilac on a light beige, 026 026 Asia Crane in olive green to pale beige, 031 031 doré, 030 030 Elegance, 035 035 Fish on black, 037 037 Fish on tinted green, 036 036 Fish on olive, 038 038 Fish on pink, 050 050 orchid, 051 051 Leo, 052 052 Cheetah, 070 070 violet, 071 071 Butterfly, 075 075 pink, 076 076 mud, beige border, 080 080 flowers on pink, 080A 080A white flowers on light blue, 080C 080C flowers on purple, 081 081 Bavaria, 080D 080D flowers on dark, 082 082 Bavaria red, 090A 090A Broch fish, 090b 090b Koi black, 090c 090c Koi gray, 090d 090d Koi beige, 101 101 Motion, 102 102 Schaffner Mouse, 103 103 Schaffner cardboard, 200 200 RAL 1007 daffodil yellow, 205 205 RAL 3015 light pink, 210 210 RAL 5012 light blue, 215 215 RAL 6014 olive green, 999 999 custom color

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