The Kabou XL is a beautiful and ergonomically designed cat scratching bed that can provides multiple feline friends with a truly luxurious scratching experience like no other…

The Kabou XL is the big brother of the scratch board Kabou and ideal for large or multiple cats.

For more information about the wide array of colours and customisation options available to you then please visit our colour catalogue for more information, and select your favourite design today!

If you have any specific questions we will be very happy to help, simply use the contact form in the bottom right hand corner of this page to get in touch with us today!

DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): ca. 31.0 cm x 18.0 cm x 60.0 cm


Cat-on cat furniture has been individually manufactured using a complex process of binding individual layers of high quality and durable corrugated board. Once we receive your order your personal cat scratching furniture Will be produced individually by hand.

Due to the handmade production of each of the products it allows us to offer a wide and varied variety of styles and designs.

Additional Information

000 000 white, 000a 000a white, 000b 000b Asia flowers in gray to white, black border, 000c 000c Asia black flowers on white, black border, 000d 000d white with gray edge, 000g 000g white rim on black, 000x 000x painted white, 000Z 000Z stripe pattern in black and white, 001 001 gray, 002b 002b brown antique, 002G 002G brown border on white, 004E 004E dark yellow, 004F 004F orange, 005 005 sand, 005b 005b beige, 005F 005F light beige, 006D 006D light blue, 006h 006h hemlock, 007 007 Asia red flowers on black, dark edge, 013 013 black, 013b 013b Asia black flowers on black, 013h 013h anthracite, 014 014 Asia golden flowers on black, 015 015 Asia silver flowers on black, 018 018 Asia black flowers on beige-gray, 019 019 Asia white flowers on beige-gray, 020 020 Asia gray flowers on black, 021 021 Asia white flowers on black, 030 030 Elegance, 034 034 Kuhflecken, 050 050 orchid, 051 051 Leo, 052 052 Cheetah, 071 071 Butterfly, 075 075 pink, 080 080 flowers on pink, 080A 080A white flowers on light blue, 080C 080C flowers on purple, 080D 080D flowers on dark, 101 101 Motion, 102 102 Schaffner Mouse, 999 999 custom color

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