Cat Tree Ferris


The Cat Tree Ferris is a slickly designed piece of cat furniture that is not only incredibly strong and robust. But, is also extremely eye-catching and looks fantastic within the home…

The 20cm diameter sisal trunks provide an exceptional scratching experience that allows your feline friend to be able to take their claws into the rope and climb all the way to the top themselves!

No bending or swaying will occur and multiple feline friends can happily climb and play on this cat tree at the same time.

The thick winding rope that dangles down from the second level platform will keep your feline friend entertained as they box it with their paws to their hearts content.

Once they have tired themselves out from their energetic playing session, they can have a beautifully cosy catnap as they curl up inside the plush under-hanging hammock!

From top to bottom, the height of the Cat Tree Ferris is 170cm. This will give them majestic views of the surrounding area and feel safe and secure at all times.

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 trunk thickness ø: 20cm

    • Sisal logs: fully wrapped

    • sisal: ø 6mm dyed

    • Weight cat tree: 40Kg 

    • Suitable for: kittens and cats up to 20kg

    • Color: dark gray

    • Type: XXL

    • Height: 170cm

    • Dimensions – Base plate (WxD): 80 x 50cm

    • Total (HxWxD): 170 x 80 x 50cm

    • Hammock: 1 x large and upholstered

    • Lollipops: 2 x large with solid rim

    • lying area: 1 stable lying areas

    • Cushion: 2 with velcro

    • Game rope: 1 x game rope, ø 5cm

    • cover: high quality and dense plush

    • Spare parts: reorderable * ²

    • Construction time: approx. 30 minutes

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