Cat Tree Cat Paradise (Blackline / Light Grey)

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We are incredibly excited to introduce another fantastic colour option for the “paradise cat tree” !

If you are looking for a product that possesses any of the following qualities; strength, stability and robustness.. Then, you won’t find anything quite as strong as this 80 kg plus cat tree that even a lion would turn away from!

Due to the impressive weight of this high quality wooden cat tree, this provides the perfect foundations for a construction that will never move an inch even if you have multiple cats jumping and playing at the same time!

This is especially important if you have a larger breed that can easily destroy a (cheap and cheer-full) cat tree in a matter of days..

As the name suggests, this truly is a paradise for your feline friend with all of the available places for them to go on their own adventure.

The spacious kitty house has two extremely soft and super luxurious hammocks attached to it so whether your cat prefers a bit of privacy or a more open experience, this product provides for both occasions, in style..

Most cats are quite inquisitive and like to watch their surroundings with their beady eyes. The hammocks and the large open bed which comes with a removable pillow, is able to cater for these natural urges and provides unrivalled levels of comfort in the process.

Due to the 15 cm diameter scratching posts, the wooden tubes are incredibly robust and will last even the most ferocious felines many many years.

If you require a replacement part in the future that this is also no problem. We are able to replace specific parts so that you do not need to replace the entire tree if a section gets worn out over time.

To add to the excitement, there is a 5 cm thick playing rope which will provide endless hours of entertainment as well!


All dimensions:
Placement size:
Required minimum: 119 x 70cm (with hammocks turned inwards).
Maximum needed: 160 x 70cm (with the hammocks to the maximum turned outwards)
Bottom plate: 90 x 70cm and 4cm thick
Height: 184cm
Weight: 80kg+
Sisalpoles: 15cm diameter with sisal glued to the posts. (Total 9 sisal poles)
Playhouse: 50 x 60 x 91cm. Covered outside with sisal carpet. Holes front 25x20cm oval.
Hammock: Rotatable and 45cm lying area and tested up to 20kg carrying weight. New model 2018. Combination so hammock and pillow.
Executive seat: 60 x 43 x 15cm with removable cushions with Velcro

Rope 5 cm thick and 43 cm long.

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