Cat Relax Cat Tree XXL (Beige / Creme)

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The Cat Relax Cat Tree XXL (Beige / Creme) is part of a brand-new exciting range of luxurious cat trees for 2018!

This extra large cat tree has everything your feline friend could possibly wish for and will make them ‘puuurr’ with excitement as soon as they set foot on this magnificent creation of cat tree architecture..

At over 64 kg in weight, no matter how large your feline friend is they will lose the battle of toppling over the Cat Relax Cat Tree XXL (Beige / Creme).. This incredibly sturdy cat tree has been built to stand the test of time for many years to come and will unlikely ever need to be replaced..

The base-level has a spacious cat house which is been carefully finished with a sisal carpet and trimmed with soft plush material.

Every single inch has been expertly crafted to ‘puurfection’ and will happily accommodate multiple feline friends should they require a private space for them to be able to escape to and claim is their own little sanctuary.

If they simply want to hang out and watch the world go by, then they will have to navigate to the very top of this truly stunning piece of cat furniture with two other unique sleeping spots await them.

Will they go for the luxuriously padded hammocks? Or, will they prefer the large bedding area at the very top of the cat tree which provides majestic views of the surrounding area..?

There is only one way to find out..!

Another unique feature about the Cat Relax Cat Tree XXL (Beige / Creme) is that there is a central thick and chunky rope which dangles down to encourage plenty of playtime and mental stimulation for your crazy cat..


Quality product of RHRQuality with 12cmØ Sisal post and 64KG total weight!

This cat tree big cat XXL is extremely solid and stable big cat tree

High quality with extra glued heavy Heavy 600 grams of plush.1 x berth at the top 60x43x15cm with removable cushions and 1x very strong recumbent 45Ø cm (tested to 20 KG)!

The New 2018 Lounger> A combination between a pillow and a reclining couch. The dream of every cat. NEW!’

Base plate: 70 x 60 x 4 and height: 178 cm. Total 108x60x178cm

Very strong construction.

The 9x glued sisal trunks with sisal have a diameter of 12 cm.

The two ends are made of sturdy ABS plastic, have a cast M8 thread, making it durable and stable.

Unique: All cat tree spare parts for scratching posts from RHRQuality can be ordered separately.

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