My Cat Stares At Me? Why?!

My Cat Stares At Me? Why?!

My Cat Stares At Me? Why?!

For many pet owners up-and-down the country, many of them will agree that the intense stare of cat can give them the heebie-jeebies..

However,I struggle to put my finger on exactly the reasons why those you have a particular versions of feline friends10 to quickly ignore all of the important aspects of their behaviour, which are remarkably similar to humans. To give you a few examples, things like; Giving affection, having friendships, having a particular fondness for solving puzzles etc….

Instead, what we find is that that ‘cat haters’ will pick on something that is simply a natural indication of feline friends predatory instincts. The” death stare” can often be confused as a sign of aggression or malice, when it could not be further from the truth..

In human culture, staring is often considered to be extremely rude. Therefore, this may naturally lead on to our own misconceptions and misinterpretations of a cats stare as well. If we analyse it a bit further, there is another obvious reason why both cats and us have a habit of staring intently at things. It is nothing more simple that indicating a strong interest towards that person or object..

In any case, why are we as humans so judgemental? Most people living in modern era these days will spend the majority of their time at home either staring blankly into the screen of a computer. Or, television programme for the seventh night of the week. In fact, even when we’re not at home if you look around you will see that most people will have their gaze firmly attached towards the new smartphone screen.. There is no escaping it!

If we talk about the etiquette within the feline friend world, and intense stare actually represents a friendly regard. Obviously, prey such as a mouse may interpret that differently than us or fellow feline of course. But, When your feline friend is gazing and staring at you intensely, this is a good sign that they are actually extremely interested in what your doing and what you’re up to. Congratulations!

The unmoving, unwavering, and sometimes unnerving sight of your feline stare is pure feline psychology at work..

Cats originally evolved from desert creatures, so therefore through evolution your feline friend will not need to constantly blink in order to wet the surface of the eye, just as humans would. This also has many other advantages, particularly when it comes to hunting prey.. Your feline friend has the most incredible ability and natural reflexes, that they are able to communicate with other cats across large distances using nothing more than subtle facial motions to communicate their messages..

The next time you find your crazy feline friends intensely staring at you, why not give them a little smile back or raise your eyebrows as an example?! Your feline friend will be able to pick up on the subtle messages and you may find that they will give you a subtle message back.. Try it today!

So, next time you find yourself on the receiving end of your cats gaze, pat yourself on the back and just know that they think you are incredibly interesting! Well done!

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