Looking For A Bengal?

Every week we look for interesting stories from cats and their owners. This week we met Karmen and Tadej, who live in a small country in the centre of Europe, Slovenia. They were determined to find a Bengal cat.

Meant to be

The search for Karmen and her partner Tadej was not very difficult, they quickly knew what they were looking for. “We saw some videos online and we fell in love with the breed. We were really lucky, because shortly after we discovered this breed, one of the Slovenian breeders had a litter. I knew immediately from the pictures that Shiva belonged to us Karmen says.


I knew immediately that Shiva belonged to us

“I was very sick when we took in our first kitten, Shiva,” Karmen says. “Covid-19 had just started at the time, we were both very scared to go outside,” she continues. The only thing that kept her going was the arrival of Shiva. “My world completely changed when she came here. She crawled out of the box and started spinning like crazy!” Isn’t that what we all like to hear, the purr of a cat?

Hindu gods

Their first cat is called Shiva, that might sound familiar to you? It reminds many people of a Hindu God known as “The Destroyer”. Fortunately, that wasn’t the reason they chose that name. Karmen and Tadej found their inspiration elsewhere. “I’m a fan of the series The Walking Dead,” says Karmen, “there was a majestic tiger. His name was Shiva. When I heard that name, I immediately knew that this is the perfect name for our beautiful cat.”

On paper Shiva is actually called Sabini, but they thought Shiva sounded much nicer. So two names!

A second God?

After Shiva they didn’t give up. “We’ve always wanted a boyfriend for our girl,” Karmen says. After contacting a breeder from Croatia, they came across the perfect boy, who also deserved a majestic name. He was given the name Odin, coincidentally also a God, namely the God of wisdom, poetry, death, divination and magic. “Odin loves cuddles. He likes to be carried around like a baby.”

cat mother

Karmen and Tadej care deeply about their cats. “I never thought I’d be that cat mom who never stops talking about cats.” That proves her Instagram account Certainly. “Just ask my friends, they would tell you how much I love my cats. I can’t even talk to a stranger without mentioning that I have cats in the house!”

Let’s face it, who can? We don’t judge at all.

I can’t even talk to a stranger without mentioning my cats

As if two cats weren’t enough, Shiva gave birth to four little kittens at 4 a.m. in April 2021. Tadej slept next to Shiva, for it was clear that she could give birth any day. The kittens were named Alpha, Alia, Amelia and Axa. They decided to keep one. “We fell in love with Amelia’s personality and cuteness,” so she stayed with them. The other kittens found a good, warm home elsewhere.

You can do the nest here to look at!

Majestic tree for majestic cats

Obviously Shiva, Odin and Amelia needed an imposing cat tree, they are all quite large cats. Bengals are quite different from other domestic cat breeds. The Bengal is much larger than the standard domestic cat. They have a large, sleek and muscular appearance. It goes without saying that they needed a large scratching post to fully enjoy themselves.


My personal comedy show

It seems that these three cats have found a good home with Karmen and Tadej. After our conversation, I’m sure Karmen would never want to live without her three cats again. When I asked Karmen if there are any downsides to having a cat, she was very clear about what’s the biggest downside to having a cat, “There aren’t any! They put a smile on my face every day.” I feel like watching them is like watching a comedy show.”

I think I’m clumsy like Odin, brutal like Shiva and laziness I got from Amelia

“They’re all so different, that’s what makes it so much fun. You can’t compare their personalities. For example, Amelia loves water. She usually stands under running water and tries to play with it. Shiva also likes to play in the water. She even knows some commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘high-five’ and ‘paw’. Odin, on the other hand, can even fetch, bringing back toys.” That sounds like a perfect mix of a cat and a dog!

With all those different personalities in one household, I wondered if there are any similarities. “Oh, no, the cats are much prettier than us! But I do think I’m just as clumsy as Odin, cheeky like Shiva, and lazy like Amelia,” Karmen says.


Join the family!

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