Keeping Cats Out Of The Trash!

Keeping Cats Out of the Trash

Keeping Cats Out Of The Trash!

It is fairly easy to see why cats may find the sight of the garbage can appealing. But, what is the best way to keep our crazy felines out of our trash cans and away from the temptation of causing a complete mess everywhere?!

There are a number of reasons as to why your feline friends may approach the trashcan and therefore, you may need to take a different approach of persuading your crazy kitty to leave it alone under many different circumstances.

The kitchen garbage trashcan will likely be the most appealing to your feline friend, as unsurprisingly this is where most of the leftover food will find itself once it has been finished with. Cats have very sensitive noses and will pick up the smell of a chicken carcass, a soup, or in fact anything that smells appealing to their senses!

The most simple way of avoiding your feline friend from putting their paws into your kitchen trashcan, is to ensure that your garbage can has a lid. Or, is suitably sealed off from their pesky paws..

Your cat will never learn whether they done something wrong or not unless you stipulate boundaries within your home for them to respect.

A great way of getting rid of unnecessary attention towards your trash cans from your feline friend, is to scrape the food from the plate straight into the bowl in the first place. Then, they will soon understand that the good stuff is not available in the trashcan. Feel free to give them the yoghurt pot after you’re finished with it, but make sure of course that they don’t get their little heads caught in it!

Sharing your food with your feline friend will help improve the bond between you both and become an affectionate gesture to your feline friend.

If you have a particularly adventurous kitty who is highly intelligent and can Open up your kitchen cabinets in search of food, then child safe locks are an excellent choice to keep them away from the biscuit tin.

Another place where you will likely find your feline friend exploring is the bathroom garbage can. But, what does make the bathroom garbage can so appealing?

There are several exciting things that will excite your feline friend into exploring the bathroom trash can, it is likely that you may have crackly paper, interesting bottles, tissue boxes, cotton buds and much more! All of these things actor potential toys for your feline friend to play with it to their hearts content.


You must be careful not to leave any dangerous objects that may be harmful to your cats such as medicines etc for obvious reasons. If you must, then make sure that they screwed on tightly as well. Sooner or later your feline friend will get tired and bored and move onto the next destination…


The home office is now becoming more more popular amongst pet owners, and where there are offices there comes paper garbage cans which will be full to the brim of waste paper which your kitty will simply love to get up to a lot of mischief with! If you’re Likes to play in a cardboard box, then it is likely that they are tunnel hunters who also love hearing into containers as well.

A crumpled up piece of paper provides an exciting choice to your feline friend to chase and play with! If they enjoy this activity, why not invest in a soft stuffed animal toy instead where they can focus their attention.


Dangerous garbage.

Around the average home today there are plenty of potential hazards for your feline friends to get into trouble and mischief. If they have a habit of exploring around this dangerous garbage then why not make this garbage area as scary as possible for your feline friend, by allowing the garbage to clatter or even making distressing noises ourselves to ward them off playing around these areas. Eventually they will associate this with scary garbage and hopefully stay away in the future..


Most of the time it is simply about redirecting the energy that your cat is exerting when approaching these types of areas, once you have mastered the art of redirection, your cat you soon pass up on all those opportunities and temptations that have been left in the trash.



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