What Are Your Cats Exercise Needs?

What Are Your Cats Exercise Needs?

What Are Your Cats Exercise Needs?

Believe it or not but there are a number of very bad ideas floating around about exercise.

Many of these stems from genuine concerns over their waeight, particularly from people mistaking them for dogs. Or, from simply not understanding what a feline friends natural mode of transport is in the wild.

To help alleviate some of your concerns about cat exercise, here we have listed some of the most common misconceptions floating around that simply do not stack up to the available evidence.


Common Misconception Number 1:

Cats can get fat from simply lack of exercise;  I will happily admit that a cat who spends their entire life sleeping and eating it’s not in the best position to get sleek and ripped. However, the main reason that cats put on weight is simply from being fed the wrong food.

Providing your feline friend is fed properly, you will find that they will immediately perk up and want to get active all by themselves.


Common Misconception Number 2:

Cats Need Lots Of Exercise; 

Whilst having plenty of exercise maybe crucial the dogs cats do not require daily walks to the local shop to be healthy. In the wild they do not typically live in packs who run around together all day long. It is however important, that your cats are able to tap into their natural instincts to climb, explore and play. A cat tree is the perfect solution to cater for these natural urges..


Common Misconception Number 3:

Cats get more exercise in their natural habitat.

Some may argue that this is true, as cats in the wild may occasionally had to run at full pace to escape from predator. But, as many pet owners will agree, this is never stopped your feline friend from running around your house like a madman simply because they want to!

There are certain times that we may not have to worry about levels of exercise whatsoever. Mainly, when they are kittens.

Kittens are like small balls a packed up energy and can be relied upon to keep themselves entertained and tire themselves out into a state of exhaustion.



If your feline friend does not have a full incentive to let themselves go and exert some energy at least once today, we may need to offer a helping hand. There are several ways that this can be achieved, but cat toys are the most popular method..

Here are a few energy sapping cat toys that we can recommend to your feline friend!

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Spending once-a-day playing with your cat is always recommended and tiring them out doesn’t generally take too long particularly if your cat is older or more of the ‘chilled out’ type.


Cat  furniture is a great way for them to be able to release that pent-up energy, whilst also providing an area for them to scratch their claws when necessary. If your cat furniture is tall, then they can also use those muscles to climb up the vertical scratching posts! A great workout for your feline friend..

No matter how many toys you throw them, interactive personal Play between yourself and your feline will ultimately create the strongest bond which they will appreciate more than anything else!

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