Cat Worms Symptoms And Treatments

Cat Worms Symptoms And Treatments

Tapeworms, Roundworms and Hookworms

Cat worms such as tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms are parasites that live in a felines digestive tract. They can cause many different health issues for a cat, ranging from general discomfort to anemia and intestinal blockage. Worms enter a cat’s body through ingestion or skin contact.They will inhabit a cats stomach and intestines, and feed off of the food that is passing through. The worms will eventually propagate inside the cat, producing eggs that are discharged in the cats stool.

Cat Tapeworms

Tapeworms are long and flat, looking somewhat like a thin ribbon. A tapeworm has a head and segmented body parts that contain the worm’s eggs. Each worm can have as many as 90 segments. Adult tapeworms live in a cat’s intestine.

The tapeworm’s head embeds itself into the mucus of the intestinal wall. As each segment of the worm matures, it breaks off and is passed out of the cat into its feces. These broken segments can look like pieces of rice after they leave the cat’s body, and are sometimes seen around the cat’s anus or where the cat sleeps.

Tapeworms are not known to cause serious health problems, but can be extremely uncomfortable for the cat due to anal itching and irritation. Even with treatment, tapeworms can reappear, especially if there are fleas or rodents in the environment. Cats that have tapeworms, will usually have fleas and should be treated for both.  Read about cat tapeworm treatment

Cat Roundworms

While roundworms are not generally life-threatening, they can create serious health problems when there is a large infestation, and could become life-threatening if the cat’s intestines become blocked. Roundworms in kittens are a more serious issue and should be immediately treated.

How to treat roundworms.

A roundworm looks like a piece of cream-colored spaghetti and can reach three to four inches in length depending on the age of the worm. Roundworms will lay eggs in the intestine of a cat. Once laid, the microscopic eggs will move through the intestines and appear in the cat’s feces. Sometimes more adult roundworms can be seen in a cats feces or vomit. The eggs will eventually turn into larvae, which is the infectious stage of the worm’s development. Many kittens are born with tiny roundworms that come from their mother.

Cat Hookworms

Hookworms are typically less than 1/2 inch long, have a slender, thread-like appearance and live in the cats intestine, where it attaches itself to the intestinal wall. Due to their small size, they are generally not visible in an infected cat’s stool. Hookworms can live as long as the cat itself.

Adult cats often get infected from hookworm larvae that is ingested or penetrates the cat’s skin. Once inside the cat, the larvae will move through the body to the intestines, where they will grow into adult worms.Hookworms can sometimes cause anemia in a cat due to intestinal blood loss, which will cause tar-like stools. Hookworm larvae can also penetrate human skin and cause a type of dermatitis.

Worm symptoms can include worms visible around a cats anus or in their stool, dull hair, loss of appetite, diarrhea, bloody stool, bloated abdomen, vomiting, weight loss, coughing, breathing difficulties and constipation. Cats can also have infections without any symptoms at all.  Read more about cat worms symptoms

Cat Worms Treatment

Cat worms are treated using a dewormer solution, tablet or powder.  Cat worm tablets are available to treat tapeworms.  You can also purchase a liquid dewormer that treats tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. You should take your cat to a veterinarian for treatment if you suspect your pet has a serious infection.  Read more about cat worms treatment


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