Cardboard Cat Scratcher’s (A BUYERS GUIDE)

Cardboard Cat Scratcher’s (A BUYERS GUIDE)

There is simply no denying that cats love cardboard, it is now an irrefutable fact! Cardboard is such a versatile material that can offer your feline friend several pleasures, everything from scratching to chilling out to hiding away and playing can be achieved from this amazingly simple and cheap material!

There are many benefits to choosing a cardboard cat scratcher. Firstly, cardboard is relatively inexpensive to purchase. In fact, most of the time you can ask for a complimentary cardboard box from a retailer before it goes to waste.

Most of all however, cardboard is completely eco-friendly and can be recycled once your feline friend has made the most of it! Due to its versatility there are many products available on the markets made from cardboard, that will inspire your feline friends imagination!

But just why is cardboard so interesting to cats? To be honest I haven’t been able to find any substantial scientific research on this interesting topic. But, personally I have a few theories…

Firstly, cardboard has a unique ability to be able to absorb scents and smells, this is an especially important facts for cats as they regularly like to mark their territory by rubbing their sense up against any surface that will be able to absorb their mark. Essentially, this is your cat’s way of saying that they ‘own it!’

Furthermore, your feline friends will also like to leave some sort of visual mark which represents ownership of their surrounding territory. Unsurprisingly, cardboard is the perfect surface for scratching due to its texture.  This has a secondary benefits as well, as your feline friend will be able to give themselves a complimentary manicure in the process!

Here at Cat Tree Uk, we are constantly scouring the web for the very best and coolest cardboard kitty creations. So, here we have compiled a list of our favourite designs available to purchase today and hopefully we can show just how beautiful and functional cardboard cat furniture can really be!

Cardboard cat scratchers

A good place to start would be with cardboard cat scratches, as these tend to be the most popular cardboard kitty products on the market today. Every owner of a feline friend is no doubt familiar with a basic cardboard cat scratcher? These products can be found everywhere however it’s fair to say that they are not particularly exciting…

If you want to think outside the box little bit (excuse the pun!) Then why not check out some of these fantastic alternatives for you to feast your eyes on!


The Puurfect Pet ® Cat Scratcher Lounge in Brown is a fantastically stylish cardboard cat scratcher which is guaranteed to get your kitties claws out! This product was featured on Animal Planet’s ‘My Cat From Hell’, and can tame even the wildest of feline friends!



Not only is it durable and highly practical. But, you will struggle to find a cardboard cat scratcher that oozes so much contemporary style in the process!

If you’re looking for something a little bit more seasonal, then why not take a look at the uber cute Jolly Moggy Festive Tree Cat Scratcher which will no doubt set your feline friend imagination alight and also creates a fantastic talking point over a warm mince pie.

There are some fantastic budget cardboard cat scratchers available and at under £10, the Myguru Kitty Cat Scratching Pad Lounger is a no-brainer!

Not only does it have a stylish triangular design with several areas for your feline friend to dig that claws into. But, cleverly inserted into the corrugated surface are two channels which have been cut out containing to playing bowls! Three products for the price of one!

If money is no object then in our opinion, Pet Fusion produce the highest quality cardboard cat scratches on the market.

If you’re looking for a durable, high-end, luxury cardboard cat scratcher then feast your eyes on the PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge. Cardboard cat scratching lounges simply do not get any more stylish than this!

Amazingly, the PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge is capable of providing enough space to accommodate up to 5 feline friends! Not only this, but it is also capable of holding the weight of a fully sized grown man, which is surprising due to its sleek design! The only problem with it, is that you will struggle to get your feline friend back off it to spend some quality time on your lap…

Our personal favourite cardboard cat scratching furniture comes from British manufacturers 3 FAT CATS ® who produce stylish and unique patented designs for your feline friend.

The Chesterfield Chair one of the most beautiful designs of cardboard cat scratching furniture you will find on the market today. YourYour feline friend will look elegant and regal, as they kick back and relax on this stunning cardboard cat scratching chair that has been finished with stylish stud prints and a black leather finish.

Cardboard hideaways

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cutting a few holes in an old leftover cardboard box in the garage. In fact, cats are very simple creatures and can keep themselves amused with something as simple as a cardboard box with the lid cut off!

One of the issues that you might encounter with this, is that it can look very untidy in your home I may not be as durable as a cardboard hideaway built specifically for your feline friend.

Cardboard multi-hideaways are increasingly popular trend right now amongst pet owners across the country. These little cocoons of joy give your feline friend a relaxing environment away from all of the stresses of a modern day cat, and allows them to just chill out!

One of our favourite cardboard cat hideaways is the Cardboard Cat House \ Den \ Bed – Wood Effect from who have produced this gorgeous cardboard cat house that includes two separate hideaways which have been connected via a cardboard tube that your little kitty will struggled to contain their excitement towards!

It can sometimes be a little bit daunting for your feline friends to be presented with the new environment for to play. Fortunately, this product also includes a packet of high-quality catnip to encourage them on board!

If you prefer to build your own kitty construction then the New Cube Cat Tower Toy House Pet Cardboard / 5 Piece allows you to connect and build your own cardboard cat activity house for your feline friend!

The New Cube Cat Tower Toy House is a fantastic way of bringing the family together and constructing your cats latest plaything. Unlike an old supermarket cardboard box, this product is made from reinforced cardboard to ensure that it stands the test of time no matter how much your feline friend throws at it. 

Also, each of the cardboard cubes can be purchased separately to allow you to build your kitty construction as big or a small as you like. Each of the blocks fit together like a game of Tetris which allows you to create an individual, customised, cardboard cat climbing habitat for your feline friend!

And now for a bit of fun! Check out the Smartbedz Cardboard Pet Castle! That’s right, this cardboard cathouse has been styled in a castle design like something straight out of the Braveheart film. Your feline friend will look hilarious as they poked the little heads outside of one of many windows that have been placed around it.

Not only will this provide you with hours of entertainment watching your feline friends have the time of their lives. But, it also provides an exciting environment for your feline friend to keep the mentally and physically stimulated. This is particularly important if your cat is an indoor cat.

As with all cardboard cat furniture, we highly recommend purchasing some strong natural catnip to encourage them on-board and get them rolling around like a crazy kitty on their new toy!

Did I miss a cardboard furniture that you love? Make sure to leave a comment below with your favourite and we can add to the list!



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98% of orders of our ‘in-stock’ products are delivered within 3-5 working days of your order being placed with us. If your product does not arrive within this time period, we will send you some complimentary toys for you feline friend to play with!