The Best Cat Clumping Litter 2017!

The Best Cat Clumping Litter 2017!

The Best Cat Clumping Litter 2017!

Ah, the beauty of cat litter that clumps! No longer must cat owners discard all the litter in the pan on a daily basis. With clumping cat litter, they simply scoop out the clumps of waste and discard these, retaining the rest of the litter for several weeks. Litter box cleaning becomes a less frequent chore, much to the joy of the feline owner.

The History of Clumping Cat Litter

The Fuller’s Earth Union first developed litter clumps in the 1950s in the UK. Calcium bentonite was the active ingredient and an American version was developed by Thomas Nelson, a biochemist, in 1984. The bentonite clay granules clump together when they become wet, forming a solid mass. The cat owner then scoops this solid clump out of the box and disposes of it without changing the litter box contents.

This litter also usually features diatomaceous earth or quartz and silica dust. An interesting note about this crystalline form of silica is that it is considered a known carcinogen under California’s Proposition 65. Some non-clay litter manufacturers claim that clay litter is created in strip mines in a process that is environmentally degrading. Despite these issues, clumping litter is extremely popular. Cat clumping litter can also be used inside a cat litter box to hide away all those nasty smells!


Which Clumping Cat Litter is Best

Nothing is worse than spending money on a product that does not work. Scoop Away gets the award for best clumping litter. Cat owners report that their felines feel most comfortable using a fine-grained litter like this one. Though more vacuuming may be required due to the small grains, this litter features excellent clumping capabilities and great odor control.

Eco-friendly cat owners will find World’s Best Cat Litter to be the best biodegradable clumping litter. It clumps upon contact with urine, making it better than Feline Pine, which does not. This litter is made from whole-kernel corn so it can be flushed down a toilet or even used as mulch in the yard. Though this type is more expensive and can be dustier than non-biodegradable alternatives, many cat owners prefer it.

Whichever clumping cat litter you choose for your feline, realise that paying a higher price can make all the difference. Humans notice this because the home no longer smells of cat urine or feces. They also realise it when the cat stops doing its business in a potted plant and enjoys visiting the litter box…as long as the owner conducts some regular scooping.

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