Maine Coon Tower Cat Tree PLUS (Light Grey)

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f you are looking for a monster floor-to-ceiling cat tree that is incredibly robust, strong and able to withstand the activities of a larger breeds such as the Maine Coon, look no further..

If you plan on having such a large cat tree in your home then it is extremely important that the product is heavy and robust enough to be able to remain perfectly straight even if multiple feline friends of climbing and scratching at the same time.

At just under 40 kg in weight, the Cat Tree Maine Coon Tower PLUS (Light Grey) ticks all of these boxes and also provides an additional roof clamp for extra support..

The roof clamp itself causes no damage and the extendable top screw can simply be extended until the padded surface is flush against your ceiling and then off you go!

The beautiful styling of this particular floor-to-ceiling cat tree will also blend into your homes decor and make a fantastic addition to your home without feeling obtrusive and becoming an eyesore.

The plush material that has been used to cover the platforms in the hammock is incredibly soft and cosy, this allows your feline friend maximum comfort and pleasure!

With multiple platforms and cosy hammocks for your feline friend to explore and climb, they will absolutely love everything that this magnificent and majestic cat tree has to offer.

This product can be adjusted up to 265 cm making it one of the largest and most stable cat trees on the market.

The central sisal covered pole which holds this ginormous activity tree together measures a whopping 20 cm in diameter, which is more than enough scratching area to keep multiple cats scratching to their hearts content.

We can cater for customisation request if your ceiling height is higher or lower than advertised. If you would like more information or require a customised version of this product, then simply email us via the contact form on the website.

This is a BRAND NEW model (pictured) and has been given a makeover with plush new hammocks which have been filled with the cosiest and softest filling. The ceiling attachment has also been upgraded to ensure extra stability. 

  • Post with natural sisal rope Ø20cm diameter with wooden fittings and fully covered with black sisal
  • Total 38KG Quality Cat Tree
  • Hammocks 45 cm Ø ( Can Carry 23kg. With 1cm thick metal ring so strongest in the market )
  • Large Steps 55 x 55 x 2,5cm
  • Base stand 60 x 60 x 4,5 (Made extra heavy) and below sisal-pole is made with 4 screws in this bottom-plate. 
  • Height adjustable against ceiling from 240cm to 265cm 
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