Cat Tree Creativ


As the name suggest, the Cat Tree Creativ is certainly one of the most creative cat trees we sell here at Cat Tree UK!

Take a minute to fully appreciate the numerous areas of pure excitement that your feline friends will simply love to play and explore.

There are several platforms in which your kitty can jump between and everything is held together by high-quality sisal covered poles, which is puuuurfect for allowing your to stretch their backs and claws, and have a climb!

Standing at a height of 150 cm, this cat tree is more than high enough for your feline friend to feel as if they are on top of the world! In the wild, cats will climb to the highest point possible to stop their prey and feel safe.

If your feline friend is an indoor cat, then this cat tree allows them to replicate this natural behaviour indoors.

Also included, is a cosy cat cave and a plush hammock where they can kick back and relax! If they are feeling a little bit more adventurous, then they will get a lot of pleasure from the hanging playing balls as well.



Basic platforms: 38 x 38 x 32 cm 38 x 70 x 32cm

Height: 150 cm.

Cave: Diameter 28 x 30 cm.

Tunnel: diameter 28 cm post: Diameter 9 cm

3 plush balls

Incl. hammock

Sisal is glued on the posts

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