Cat Trees For Large Cats (A BUYERS GUIDE 2021)

Cat Trees For Large Cats (A BUYERS GUIDE 2021)

Are you looking for Cat Trees For Large Cats? If so, you have come to the right place!

As humans we spend our lives living in a ‘horizontal world’ (aside from the more adventurous ones among us). Indoor felines however, do not spend their lives living like us and much prefer  to get ‘vertical’ at every available opportunity!

This can be for a variety of reasons, but largely boils down to their natural wild instincts to find a place of solitude and a higher place also serves as a discreet place from which to watch the world go by and hunt their prey.

Another reason as to why cats like to climb to the highest point possible is that is can also be a sign of status to them. If you are lucky enough to have multiple kitties, the cat who is in charge of the highest platform within your home tends to be considered the most dominant. This is where the saying ‘top cat’ comes from!

Large cats may require a large cat tree and large cat furniture should not be considered a luxury for your indoor cat. In fact,  Cat Trees For Large Cats serve as a very important solution to your felines lifestyle and provide the necessary mental and physical stimulation needed to ensure they are happy and content.

Maine coons for example are a beatiful breed of large cat, but they also require an environment to chill out and relax just like smaller breeds of feline. Maine coons can be incredibly playful and have the energy of a Duracell bunny at times, but will eventually burn themselves out and want to take themselves off to a quiet space to indulge in a cat nap in privacy, without anyone disturbing their precious ‘me time!’

A cat tree for a large cat like a Maine Coon should ideally include a kitty condo / platform attached to serve this very purpose.

If you have multiple cats, then as mentioned, it is important that they are able to understand the relationship within the ‘clowder’ and having a large cat tree with multiple platforms allow each of the cats to mark their territory on the perches.

The more dominant of the cats will claim the top spot on the cat tree and this allows the other cats to position themselves lower down the tree. Having a large cat tree can help to reduce physical confrontations between felines in the early stages of the relationship.

A Cat Tree For Large Cats which tend to be more timid like the Rag-doll and the Persian, provides an environment where they feel safe and can keep themselves away from the chaos that can ensue within a busy household.

Once they have been fully introduced to their large cat tree, you will struggle to get them off as they will become accustomed to their new environment very quickly and in-turn, become relaxed and docile.

It may be a good idea to keep your new large cat tree away from any windows during the first stages of introduction as sudden movements may scare them.

Another fantastic benefit of Cat Trees For Large Cats is that they can instantly increase the size of your felines territory! If you are tight for space, then a cat tree can immediately add vertical space to their environment. A much better solution than watching your feline climb up the side of your kitchen cabinets.

Felines are not always happy to share their cosy, private space with others on a window sill for example. But, a large cat tree provides separate areas within a single environment so they will feel much happier and not feel as if their space is being intruded upon.

A good quality Cat Trees For Large Cats will last for many years, so investing in a strong and robust cat tree is incredibly important.

Most Cat Trees For Large Cats you can find on the market today will be connected together by large scratching posts which tend to wrapped in natural sisal rope. Just like a cats natural desire to get up high, they also need to scratch and sharpen their claws.

Sisal rope can always be replaced on large cat trees, so the frame will not need to be replaced although sisal rope is very strong and can survive many years of feline claw abuse!

What is the best cat tree for large cats?

As you have a large feline on your hands, there are certain cat trees which have been made specifically to cater for a large cats needs. For example, try and avoid purchasing a cat tree which has smaller platforms or perches. You fussy feline will want to feel safe and secure as they lounge around all day, watching the world go by.

They will not feel relaxed if they are worrying about slipping off a high platform. Or, if their back legs are precariously dangling off the back of the platform. This can be uncomfortable or obvious reason!

Ideally, try and find a large cat tree that has perches which are a ‘U’ shape, so that your feline can feel secure within the ledge. The vast majority of cats ike to back themselves up against certain object when they are relaxing, particularly when they are higher up as it allows them to feel secure.

Choosing a large and luxury cat tree which is secure, sturdy and safe is vital and ensuring that the cat tree can withstand the weight of a large cat is also very important as they can cause trouble if not, especially when large cats leap from platform to platform.

It is very important to consider the location of your large cat tree. Once your cat has become accustomed to the cat tree, then try and move it slowly facing towards a window so that they can see everything going on outside. If they are an indoor cat, then having the stimulation of seeing what is going on outside will make them feel content.

If you have children in the house, then try and make them learn early on that the large cat tree is your felines and the chances are that they want to be left alone when they are on it. I know this can be difficult, but making sure your feline is not being teased or feeling stressed when they are on their plaything is very important.


Finally, cats love to sleep! Sleeping is a huge part of their lives and many cats can sleep for up to 15 hours every single day, they simply love being in the land of nod. So, making sure that this time is spent in comfort is essential!

CAT TREES FOR LARGE CATSTry and find a cat tree that has several kitty condos attached, or cubby-holes where they can recharge their batteries. Older cats will most likely want to prioritise their time within these environments, so this is something to consider when choosing a large cat tree as well.

We cannot make it clearer, that having a strong and sturdy cat tree is the most important thing to consider when choosing a cat tree.

Large cat trees can be very dangerous if they are not properly made and accidents must try to be prevented by choosing a solid structure.

You cat will most likely be using their apparatus every day, leaping, jumping, scratching and playing. So, bear this in mind before choosing a Cat Trees For a Large Cat!

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98% of orders of our ‘in-stock’ products are delivered within 3-5 working days of your order being placed with us. If your product does not arrive within this time period, we will send you some complimentary toys for you feline friend to play with!